Küppersbusch reveals new K-Series 5 combi-microwave oven

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Küppersbusch reveals new K-Series 5 combi-microwave oven

Küppersbusch reveals new K-Series 5 combi-microwave oven

German brand Küppersbusch has launched its latest compact combi-microwave oven – CBM6550.0 – as part of its K-Series 5 cooking collection. Said to be ideal for smaller kitchens, the combi is paired with the CSW6800.0 warming drawer and K-Series 8 pyrolytic oven BP6850.0 for a seamless design feel.

Equipped with the latest microwave inverter technology, the CBM6550.0 offers a choice of 10 microwave output levels (up to 1,000 watts), as well as 14 oven and 8 pre-set special functions. The combi-microwave oven inverter technology is designed for energy-efficient and precision cooking at lower power levels. It also offers two other energy saving settings with an Eco and standby mode, with the option to reduce the TFT display brightness or turn it off all together.

The new model features 40 time-saving automatic programmes, and the touch-control TFT menu, offers the user a choice of pastries, fish, meat, vegetables, and desserts, by entering the weight and selecting the desired level of cooking. The oven then determines a suitable baking mode and time. 

All Küppersbusch ovens feature the brand's Ökotherm technology. The Ökotherm catalytic converter ensures the oven remains clean during the cooking process, while no odours and grease escape into the kitchen, and food moisture is preserved.

Küppersbusch offer retailers access to a variety of cooking choices, as well as the option to mix and match ranges – both K-Series 3 and K-Series 5 can be combined for a harmonious style fusion. The latest model is available in a black or white finish with a choice of 7 design trims.

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