Multipanel reaffirms environmental commitments during FSC week

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Multipanel reaffirms environmental commitments during FSC week

Multipanel reaffirms environmental commitments during FSC week

Grant Westfield, the company behind bathroom wall panel manufacturer Multipanel, has reaffirmed its environmental commitments during Forestry Stewardship Council week as an FSC certification holder. FSC week aims to raise awareness of sustainable forestry and responsible consumption, bringing an opportunity for FSC licence holders worldwide to join forces with FSC and showcase sustainable forestry efforts. 

The bathroom wall panel manufacturer holds an FSC certification [FSC 123180] across its Neutrals, Linda Barker, Classic, Heritage and Tile collections. This means that the materials used for Multipanel wall panels originate from responsibly managed forests, and that the finished products comply with globally recognised ecological, social and economic standards. This is important to Multipanel as the FSC label is the most recognised, rigorous, and trusted mark of sustainable forestry, with 77% of consumers who are aware of FSC choosing an FSC-certified product over its non-certified equivalent. 

Beyond its commitments towards the Forestry Stewardship Council, the company has a rolling programme of environmental and sustainability initiatives within its manufacturing and design process. These commitments include sourcing materials made in the UK, which reduces energy in transportation, and recycling 100% of post-production waste into biomass fuel-reducing waste sent to landfill while contributing to the circular economy. Multipanel wall panels also hold a 30-year guarantee, to ensure that they stand the test of time and are 100% recyclable. 

Sarah Law, MD of Grant Westfield, said: “We only use FSC certified timber material and high-pressure laminate in the manufacturing of Multipanel. FSC week is a great time to reflect on our environmental and sustainability practises –as the leading manufacturer of wall panels in the UK, we have a responsibility to our customers, to each other, and to the future of our planet to be as sustainable as possible within our manufacturing process.” 

Pictured: White Cromix from Multipanel's Tile collection.

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