AMDEA urges homeowners to press the eco button to combat price rises

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AMDEA urges homeowners to press the eco button to combat price rises

AMDEA urges homeowners to press the eco button to combat price rises

AMDEA, the UK trade association for manufacturers of large and small domestic appliances, is urging homeowners across the UK to press the eco button to help combat this month’s energy price rise – saying it is one of many ways households could save £500 a year. AMDEA says it wants to empower the public to know that using the in-built sustainable features on their appliances can reduce energy and therefore cut down on those utility bills.  

AMDEA’s new Know Watt’s What campaign is industry expert advice on how to save money on utility bills by maximising the sustainable features in-built into appliances. Choosing the eco setting for every wash on a washing machine and dishwasher can save £90 a year. Using the eco-button is just one of the simple tips that could reduce bills by around 20% when households will be paying electricity charges 80% higher than a year ago (18.9p/kWh) at 34p/kWh.  

These tips are now all in one place on the Know Watt’s What campaign site. AMDEA's expert panel says the keys to savings are using appliance design features better, choosing energy-efficient replacements and preserving the appliances' performance with good maintenance. 

It includes the Unlock Your Cost Savings section, which is a definitive guide to all the most important ways a person can use their appliance to guarantee a significant reduction in their household bills.  

For those who need to buy a new appliance, AMDEA has also created a handy money-saving calculator, in collaboration with Youreko, encouraging customers to buy as high on the rating scale as they can afford, as running costs can now be as important as purchase price as consumers brace for higher energy bills this winter. 

Paul Hide, chief executive of AMDEA, said: "Now is the time for retailers to ensure they build sustainability, energy and water efficiency into the information they provide to customers.  Know Watt's What is full of money-saving advice from our experts, who know these products inside out and want to share simple reliable tips. We encourage all of our members’ channel partners to make use of assets from our campaign in their messaging and invite them to contact us for more information.”

A visit to Know Watt’s What will encourage homes to make wise choices that can save up to £500 a year, these include an average: 

· £54 per year using the eco mode for every laundry load.  

· £37 per year by always using the eco mode on a dishwasher.

· £58 a year choose rating ‘D’ over ‘G’ if replacing a fridge freezer. 

· £130 using a heat pump dryer instead of a condenser tumble dryer.

· £108 a year just by ensuring the families daily shower is no longer than 5 minutes .

· £33 a year by cooking a baked potato in a microwave once a week rather than in the oven.  

· £20 a year using the fan rather than the conventional setting on an oven. 

· £57 a year relying on sensor technology to detect half-load washes.

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