Energy-efficient cooking appliances for fuel cost-conscious clients

KitchensFeatures Mon 26th Sep 2022 by Lisa Hibberd

Energy-efficient cooking appliances for fuel cost-conscious clients

Energy-efficient cooking appliances for fuel cost-conscious clients

Feature by Lisa Hibberd | Mon 26th Sep 2022

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With concerns about the rise in gas and electricity bills, consumers are becoming more aware of the energy ratings and eco functions of cooking appliances. Lisa Hibberd explores the latest offerings, from induction hobs to steam ovens, that are gaining popularity.

"With the UK inflation rate predicted to hit a 40-year high of around 11% in Q4 2022 and the energy price cap set to increase by around 75%, a significant proportion of consumers are having to adapt their day-to-day behaviours, particularly when it comes to mealtimes," says Vijay Bhardwaj, marketing director at Beko plc UK & Ireland. "According to research, two in five Brits have reduced the number of times they eat out or order takeaways, spending more time at home cooking meals. However, with energy bills sky rocketing, consumers are being mindful about how they use their kitchen appliances in a bid to save on costs. Batch cooking meals to avoid turning the oven on multiple times throughout the day and even using alternatives to a conventional oven are just some of the new consumer habits Brits are adopting."

Selected ovens in Beko’s built-in cooking range feature the brand’s innovative Split&Cook® technology. A unique divider allows consumers to cook multiple dishes, at different temperatures, at the same time, without the mixing of any flavours, and, for days when there’s only one small meal to cook, consumers can use the divider to split their oven in half, using less energy by only heating the small section that is needed. Thanks to this advanced feature consumers can reduce the amount of times they heat their oven throughout the day, helping to save money on their energy bills

Excelling in energy efficiency as well as extraction performance, Franke’s new Maris 2gether hob extractor offers an energy rating of A++. The frameless design in stylish black glass features a fully integrated extractor positioned between induction hobs with four cooking zones, all operated via a discreet touch panel. It boasts eight extraction speeds plus two intensive settings with an extraction rate of 700 m3/h

With the current uncertainty surrounding gas and electricity costs, energy ratings are important than ever to consumers. The A+ energy rated PureLine H 7262 BP built-in oven from Miele offers nine cooking functions including Auto Roast, Fan Plus, Eco Fan Heat, Full Grill, Conventional Heat, Bottom Heat, Defrosting, Intensive Bake and Fan Grill

Willi Bruckbauer, founder of BORA, agrees that the current cost of living crisis is having an impact on consumer behaviour when it comes to cooking. "There is much greater awareness of the importance of choosing energy efficient appliances and shift towards living more sustainably and this has certainly been amplified by the current cost of living crisis. Technology that simplifies this, while allowing for professional cooking standards is therefore sought after among today’s consumers. Technology is improving all the time and it is now possible to match eco-friendly kitchen appliances to suit a consumer’s lifestyle. There doesn’t need to be any compromise in performance or in design and energy efficient appliances are no longer the preserve of the very top end of the market."

Clients seeking a more energy-efficient cooking option need look no further than the BORA X BO – a steamer and oven rolled into one appliance, with a maximum power consumption of 6.1kw. The WiFi and Bluetooth-compatible steam oven also features a four-point food thermometer which is used in a variety of programmes, which saves on energy use too, as the oven cuts out automatically once the food has reached the target temperature

With precise control, Fisher & Paykel’s full-surface induction hob brings ultimate flexibility, with the ability to place cookware anywhere on the surface. With immediate heat response and extremely accurate temperature control it eliminates any guesswork. The cooktop remains cool until a pot or pan is placed on the surface, meaning that no heat is wasted

"Energy efficiency in the home has been high up on consumer wish lists for a long time," reports Owain Harrison, country manager for Novy UK. "What this energy crisis will do over the long term is focus the minds of more consumers to act on these wishes, as opposed to ignoring them. For many years, kitchen designers and retailers have been at the coal face when it comes to positive messaging about cooking appliances. Thanks to them, there is huge awareness of the benefits of energy-saving technology. Walk into most showrooms and there will be an induction hob where retailers can demonstrate speed, safety and easy cleaning, whilst also explaining all the additional functions that do not come with any other hob type. Cooking with induction, there is limited energy wastage as the pan’s base heats uniformly via inductors beneath the ceramic glass surface.

"Over the past five years, we have seen the rise in popularity of venting hobs, either with ventilation towers, like the Novy Panorama collection, or with downward matrix vents, like the Novy Easy PRO, which has an A rating for extraction. These combine the best of all worlds: energy efficient induction with powerful, yet efficient extraction and again, it is kitchen designers and retailers in showrooms that are leading the way by explaining the advantages of these dual-purpose appliances to consumers."

The Plus X award-winning Novy Easy PRO vented induction hob features a quiet central matrix extractor that automatically regulates the extraction speed once cooking begins. An Automatic Cooking function immediately reduces boiling water to a simmer when it has reached boiling point to avoid wasting energy

As well as being awarded the coveted Red Dot Product Design Award 2022, the BP6350.0 Graphite Line XXL 70-litre oven from Küppersbusch offers plenty of clever functions to enable consumers to save both time and energy. This innovative K-Series. 3 pyrolytic oven is fully equipped with 10 time saving automatic programmes, controlled via the easy-to-use on screen menu

"Appliances continue to develop, and by their nature new technologies, materials and components go into making them more efficient," says John Davies, head of marketing for Smeg (UK). "Smeg has invested hugely in this area over the last 18 months, with one key development being in its built-in cooking ranges which have seen a £20m investment programme, from R&D to tech, and everything in between including new production lines. This investment has driven up efficiency, both of production, what it’s producing – for example more efficient ovens – thanks to the ability to revisit components and how they work together. An excellent example of this is Smeg’s Galileo platform with its better fan system for cooling, enhanced insulation, and also the technology on higher end models working together to improve efficiency in several ways. Models include Speedwave XL ovens combining oven with microwave, saving 40% on cooking time and space. Top of the range OmniChef models go a step further still, combining steam into the mix."

Smeg’s Omnichef oven range can combine traditional, steam and microwave cooking, or add them in stages to reduce cooking times by up to 70%

Launched earlier this year, Hotpoint’s Class 6 SI6 864 SH IX electric single built-in oven has an A+ rating, making it a good choice for consumers who are conscious of their energy consumption. Multiflow Technology, a new style of convection system creates an all-enveloping heat flow which pushes heat into every inch of the oven cavity for consistently even cooking, while the soft-close door helps to prevent unnecessary heat loss and temperature fluctuations

Rangemaster’s Classic FX 90 range cooker boasts a single cavity with a generously sized 114-litre multifunction oven. For smaller meals when the full oven is not required, it boasts a handy energy saving panel that can be used to divide the oven cavity in half. With the panel in place, only the right-hand side of the cavity is heated, which not only saves energy but also turns the left-hand side into a plate warming space using the residual heat. It’s A-rated for energy efficiency

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