PJH launches new 'innovative internal learning platform' for employees

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PJH launches new 'innovative internal learning platform' for employees

PJH launches new 'innovative internal learning platform' for employees

KBB distributor PJH has launched 'ELSA' – an acronym that stands for 'Engage, Learn, Support & Achieve' – described as a new 'innovative internal learning and development platform', which is designed to build on the support it offers to employees with their career progression and help develop new skills.

ELSA recognises the importance of adapting training to the varying needs and time constraints of all employees, which is why the platform is available both online or via an App on a tablet or phone, to allow people the ability to ‘learn’ according to their own schedules and pace. The tailor-made PJH programme is also fully supported by face-to-face training from the PJH Learning & Development team.

Speaking about ELSA, Dawn Kennedy, learning and development manager at PJH, said: “ELSA forms part of PJH’s ‘always attitudes’, an internal initiative that means employees will ‘always’ be clear on company direction, but more importantly understand how their role supports this and what and where their career path will take them. ELSA reinforces this commitment by offering employees training opportunities to progress and develop in their careers, at a pace that is convenient to them.”

Content on the ELSA learning and development platform includes PJH videos and structured lessons, as well as real-world scenarios. Quizzes and ‘on-the-go’ problem solving, with users being able to search for answers, offers an interactive and engaging interface with face-to-face support supplementing the learning journey.

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