Bette reveals extent of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods

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Bette reveals extent of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods

Bette reveals extent of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods

As part of its sustainability strategy, glazed titanium-steel bathroom manufacturer Bette has revealed it has been using significant quantities of carbon neutral steel – or green steel – since 2021. The use of green steel is just one component of Bette’s sustainability strategy, and it has had a significant impact on  Bette's carbon emissions. The company says its emissions fell by 10% in 2021, with even larger reductions of around 42% expected in 2022.

To date, the company says it has made over 59,000 products from green steel, at no extra cost to customers. Now Bette has added a counter to its website which gives the latest data on products made entirely of green steel and is providing information on its approach to the selection and use of green steel.

Bette CEO, Thilo C Pahl said: “Environmental protection has to be done properly – merely going through the motions isn’t going to help our planet. Because of this, Bette purchases green-certified steel based on specific projects being undertaken in the steel producers’ plants to reduce their carbon emissions, rather than trading purely on the basis of certificates. It is by buying green steel made in these plants where change is happening, that Bette is also supporting the transformation of the steel industry.

“We are confident of the advantages of our glazed titanium-steel material, and that our manufacturing methods are as environmentally friendly as possible. However, as with any product, the ecological impact must be considered from the beginning of the supply chain. Bette’s aim is to produce around 50% of its baths, shower trays and washbasins from carbon-neutral steel by the end of 2024. However, we must be honest with customers so they understand that our use of carbon-neutral steel will depend on developments in supply and demand.”

The glazed titanium-steel material that products are made from is so durable that all products come with a 30-year warranty. This means that Bette’s baths, shower floors and basins will often be re-used, even when the rest of the bathroom is being refurbished or will be sold for re-use elsewhere.

Bette is showcasing its products’ sustainability benefits at The Sustainability Design Summit in London on 29th November.

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