Blum joins National Building Specification Source platform

KitchensNews Mon 21st Nov 2022 by KBBFocus

Blum joins National Building Specification Source platform

Blum joins National Building Specification Source platform

Blum, the manufacturer of fittings for the kitchen and furniture industry, has joined the National Building Specification (NBS) Source platform, to benefit specifiers and other professionals within a single platform to research and investigate kitchen and living space fittings.

The family-owned Austrian company is now established in over 120 countries globally and manufactures products at home and in four other countries – USA, Poland, Brazil and China.

Innovating furniture fittings for a better quality of living is the key message from Blum. The main products it manufactures are lift systems for wall units, hinges, pull-outs and pocket systems for furniture. It also provides appropriate services and assembly devices to support these products. With a lifetime guarantee on all its products, Blum aims to provide a complete service to everyone who touches their product, from manufacturer, through retailers and fitters, to the end-consumer.

Amanda Hughes, ergonomic expert at Blum UK, commented: “At Blum UK we want to speak directly to specifiers, not only to showcase our product and its flexibility, but more importantly tell our story of commitment to the planet, people and improving quality of living spaces. NBS Source is the perfect partner for us as it allows specifiers to choose product based, not only on long term quality, but also long term commitments to the environment.

“NBS Source allows us to showcase what we do, but more importantly for us it allows us to tell the stories of how and why we do it. Investment in quality, the environment, and people is now part of the built environment fabric and specifiers make decisions based on a wide range of criteria. It is important for us to talk directly to this sector and give them the reassurance that Blum is more than just a hinge, it is a promise to improve the quality of living spaces, now and in the future.”

The NBS platform is a 12-year-old UK based business providing construction specification information used by architects, engineers and other building professionals. The platform gives the construction industry a completely new way to find manufacturer products – providing specifiers with unified product data in one place, and allowing manufacturers to build and maintain relationships with specifiers right across the lifecycle of a construction project, and beyond. 

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