Multipanel upgrades wall panels to combat supply chain challenge

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Multipanel upgrades wall panels to combat supply chain challenge

Multipanel upgrades wall panels to combat supply chain challenge

Grant Westfield, manufacturer of wall panel brand Multipanel, has upgraded the material used in its best-selling panels to Medite Exterior Grade MDF. The brand says that due to the ongoing war between Russia and the Ukraine, Multipanel stopped the importation of all Russian goods. This meant the cessation of procurement of Russian-sourced plywood, which, before the outbreak of war, accounted for around 85% of the global Birch plywood market. The removal of Russian Birch from the supply chain meant a sustainable alternative was required. 

Medite Exterior is manufactured in the Republic of Ireland and sustainably sourced from forests which have FSC and PEFC certification, ensuring that the materials used come from well-managed forests where there are systems in place designed to protect the natural environment. Exterior grade is also manufactured using an MDI resin which unlike the resin used in MR grade MDF and Plywood does not contain any added Formaldehyde. 

The new core is designed to withstand extreme conditions and when installed is perfect for areas of frequent prolonged exposure to running or condensed water.  It has been tested rigorously in house to ensure that the high-quality level Multipanel customers are used to will be maintained. 

John Mortimer, sales director, Multipanel, said: “At Multipanel, we continually assess our supply to chain to ensure we have a secure, sustainable supply of raw materials. It’s no secret that managing supply and demand is a delicate process – a tiny supply chain disruption can easily catalyse operational delays and lost sales, which is a nightmare for any business. By making the switch to Medite we have increased the security and sustainability of our supply chain.” 

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