Rotpunkt sales rise by 15% to 100million euros in 2022

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Rotpunkt sales rise by 15% to 100million euros in 2022

Rotpunkt sales rise by 15% to 100million euros in 2022

German kitchen furniture manufacturer Rotpunkt has reported strong sales figures in 2022, which the company says have risen by 15% to 100million euros. This increase has been influenced by necessary price adjustments, as the brand navigates the significant price rises in material and energy costs. Sven Herden, MD of marketing & sales at Rotpunkt said:  "Around 5% of the sales increase can be attributed to a tangible increase in volume, which is further supported by our network of retailers who continue to take the Rotpunkt kitchen to the next level of quality design. Furthermore, the growing desire for added-value features like lighting and custom design elements are also helping to grow profit margins with additional sources of revenue coming from outside the kitchen like the utility room, bathroom, fitted wardrobes and walk-in dressing rooms.”

The majority of sales generated by Rotpunkt comes from leading brand partners from around the world. The export quota is still around 80%, with the majority share apportioned to the Netherlands, which is closely followed by Germany, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Scandinavia, and then Austria. 

Investments in new buildings, machinery, warehousing, and logistics have been made to underpin the company’s commercial success and market position and create more room for growth. Rotpunkt will also invest a further 15million euros on increased capacity. "The global pandemic has shown that 'just-in-time' needs to be redefined," says Sven Herden. 

Rotpunkt Küchen is also investing 2.5million euros in the modernisation and replacement of its current manufacturing equipment with a new automatic drilling machine to enhance production. This state-of-the-art process line will go live in autumn 2023 and will be supported by new training facilities and exhibition space.

The Rotpunkt management team is pictured from left to right: Andreas Wagner and Heinz-Jürgen Meyer (both managing partners) and Sven Herden (MD sales & marketing)

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