MBO at Imperial Bathrooms after company goes into administration

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MBO at Imperial Bathrooms after company goes into administration

MBO at Imperial Bathrooms after company goes into administration

Imperial Bathrooms says it is ensuring the continuation of 'business as usual' following a management buyout by IBC Products Limited, after the company went into administration on 30th January 2023.

Neil Gore, previous managing director of 8-years led the bid, is choosing to return to the role following a 3-year sabbatical from Imperial. Gore is joined by fellow directors James Stevenson, Kevin Johnson, and Robin Wright and together, they have formed IBC Products to 'solidify future business operations and protect the Imperial name and product offer'.

“I am confident we can ensure the company's sustainability and quickly return to high levels of success” says Neil Gore, Managing Director. “Our one aim is to re-establish the Imperial brand as a highly regarded and trusted name in the bathroom industry, serving our customers with quality British designs and lead times, as originally founded.”

Robin Wright, returning Operations Director responsible for managing sales, customer service and despatch, said: “We are fortunate to all have first-hand experience of Imperial, and fully understand our brand quality and what that means to both our retail partners and the end user.”

Kevin Johnson, Supply Chain Director, added: “We are excited to announce we will be introducing a new range of products in 2023, with the new Fradley Collection launching in February. This, along with our latest suppliers will bring new life to the brand and put us in a strong position to show our commitment to change over the next 12 months, confidently and quickly.”

James Stevenson added: “We want to show our customers that as a brand and business, we have the courage to innovate and adapt to the everchanging retail landscape. We strongly believe in leaning into change and are confident we can successfully navigate the current economic climate in the months ahead. Thank you to every customer that continues to tell our story, you are crucial to the long-term survival and growth of our business.”

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