Küppersbusch reveals new K-Series.8 induction hob

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Küppersbusch reveals new K-Series.8 induction hob

Küppersbusch reveals new K-Series.8 induction hob

German appliance brand Küppersbusch has announced the launch of its new K-Series.8 induction hob, the KI9870.0. The frameless 90cm black hob offers retailers a sleek design and it can be paired with K-Series.8 complementary appliances to create a seamless contemporary kitchen scheme.

The new induction hob features 10 power levels, with ‘GlideControl’ for precision cooking, and a new pre-defined rice cooking function. The 10 special pre-programmed functions also include quick boil, melt, keep warm, for pasta, poach, confit, fry, roast and grill.

The new ‘chef’ function allows the cooking zones to be subdivided into three sections, giving the user the flexibility to set the individual power levels at the start and the freedom to move pans around the zones for different stages of the cooking process. Keen chefs also have instant access to the ‘flex induction’ function, allowing them to bridge front and back zones to create a dedicated space for larger pans or trays.

The new model is also fully equipped with key safety features including a ‘stop and go’ button, as well as a residual heat indicator, a childproof lock and holiday shut down mode.

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