When it comes to kitchen worktops is there too much choice?

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When it comes to kitchen worktops is there too much choice?  Sponsored

When it comes to kitchen worktops is there too much choice?

It is a fact that we consumers can be overwhelmed when making certain purchases. Too much choice presents us with too many decisions, and we become overloaded. Coupled with a lack of relevant information or direction, the easiest action is to keep our wallet in our pocket or seek clarity & simplicity elsewhere. This is often the case for customers trying to decide on a kitchen worktop. The worktop plays such a significant part in the overall kitchen aesthetic, as well as being one of the most heavily used elements of the space. This means the design, quality and durability are incredibly important attributes when choosing and recommending a worktop brand for your customers. Most consumers want to invest in something that looks beautiful on installation and still will in years to come. 

New kitchens are a huge investment for most consumers, but the purchase journey can be confusing and convoluted. Customers feel reassured when salespeople or designers can easily and effectively communicate the benefits of brands and materials, or one product over another. Too often, hundreds of worktop samples are presented with little distinction between them, other than price. The question, “what’s the difference”, is met with a shrug of the shoulders. This lack of knowledge and a race to the bottom on price does no one any favours. This approach is seeing some kitchen studios lose out on the worktop altogether, as consumers seek a clearer solution elsewhere.

When offered with a small and well curated worktop range, and sold with the relevant brand USPs, the consumer feels confident in choosing, having fundamentally understood the reasons for the price point differential, allowing the kitchen business to make better margin and retain the worktop as part of the project.

Market dynamics have changed significantly since Caesarstone started designing worktops back in 1987. Over the last ten years or so the category has become flooded with cheap, unbranded stone worktops with unknown provenance, and a lack of apparent certification, test data or ESG credentials. Whether these surfaces are made ethically, sustainably or with consumer or employee safety front of mind is largely unknown. It is therefore critical that kitchen experts have the relevant knowledge to communicate the value of their chosen worktop brand and why the design and quality are so important.

Caesarstone prides itself on crafting beautiful worktops, designed by our in-house design team, into which they channel nearly four decades worth of manufacturing and technical experience, creating beautiful, durable worktops that come with a Lifetime Warranty in residential, indoor applications. A UK head office and customer service team provides reassurance that help, or guidance is just a phone call away, should you or your customers need it, and we have a multitude of premium brochure-ware and literature to help any salesperson communicate the benefits of choosing Caesarstone.

For more information get in touch with your local sales representative or email info@caesarstone.co.uk.

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