Miele acts on sustainability pledge with move to all-electric vans

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Miele acts on sustainability pledge with move to all-electric vans

Miele acts on sustainability pledge with move to all-electric vans

Miele is supporting sustainability in its vehicle fleet for customer service vans, and has revealed that, in partnership with Volkswagen, it is committing to gradually replacing its service vehicles with all-electric and emission-free low-carbon models, where possible.

Mandy Vanstone, fleet manager for Miele GB, said: “As part of Miele’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, we will be replacing our vehicles with the new Volkswagen ID Buzz Cargo van depending on the charging infrastructure being suitable at the homes of our technicians. We plan to replace at least 10 vehicles per year. This is a journey we are beginning and one that we are very excited to embark upon.”

Miele says its longstanding collaboration with Volkswagen has always provided customers with an outstanding service experience. The new Volkswagen ID. Buzz Cargo vans enable Miele to offer low-emission transport, customised to cater for the needs of Miele customer service. With more all-electric, emission-free vehicles ordered for 2023, Miele has confirmed it is on target to convert Miele Group’s worldwide vehicle pool to run on renewable sources of energy in a bid to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 30% by 2030 in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by all United Nations member states.

Miele is one of the first companies to use Volkswagen’s new ID. Buzz Cargo vans in its after-sales service. The vans will be equipped with a rack system for storing tools, materials and spare parts, and the fully electric vehicles will be deployed by Miele in the UK, Germany, Austria, Norway and Spain.

“Through the collaboration with Volkswagen, we aim to positively improve people’s lives by providing quality service and durable products that last for generations while staying committed to our pledge of ‘making sustainability happen at every step,” said Axel Kniehl, executive director marketing & sales with the Miele Group.

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