Smeg’s Innovative Area Induction Hob Range

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Smeg’s Innovative Area Induction Hob Range  Sponsored

Smeg’s Innovative Area Induction Hob Range

Smeg’s most intelligent hob, the Area induction hob, is the latest stylish product to join the range. Available in Linea Neptune Grey and silver and Universal black, the 90cm Area hob provides innovative technology whilst offering a fully cohesive kitchen design with tangible space saving options for kitchen designers. Representing a true expression of ‘Made in Italy’, the simplicity, ergonomics, and balance of the Area hob makes it the perfect addition for the heart of the home. With coordinating hoods and built in appliances, a harmoniously matched kitchen can be designed.

Offering ultimate freedom and cooking control, the induction hob is the most flexible in its range. Induction allows for precise temperature control when doing intricate cooking, for example simmering. With the ability to place up to 6 pots and pans at one time on the hob, there are no limitations on size and zone placement. Using Follow Pot technology, heat is only generated when the pan comes into direct contact with the hob to optimise power consumption and ensure a safe environment when in use. There is the ability to set individual timers for each pot and pan, alongside the 17 power levels available for a seamless cooking experience.

For convenience and ease, the 7” VIVO screen Max display makes cooking on the hob simple and clear. The highly intuitive TFT display shows every position, size and shape of your pots and pans beautifully in full colour. For full customisation, the sound and brightness settings can be adjusted to user preference, co-ordinating with neighbouring appliances. Paired with a ceramic glass surface with under-glass serigraphs, the hob’s smooth surface allows for easy cleaning and silent placement of pots.

For more information and a product comparison on the Smeg Area Induction hobs, click HERE.

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