CIH celebrates 60th anniversary with refreshed brand identity

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CIH celebrates 60th anniversary with refreshed brand identity

CIH celebrates 60th anniversary with refreshed brand identity

CIH, the electrical buying group that is part of Euronics, is celebrating a significant milestone this year as it reaches its 60th anniversary. To mark the anniversary, CIH has refreshed its brand identity to reflect the evolving world of electrical retailing. CIH formed from a need to create a national buying group to support local independent retailers and allow them to compete with the fast developing buying power of multiple retailers. The first meeting of CIH Ltd was held on 1st May 1963, when the ‘Memorandum of Association’ was signed, and the Certificate of Incorporation was issued on 16th July 1963.

CIH has evolved over the years and is now supported by 11 groups looking after the interests of 453 members with 642 stores across the country. In 1996 CIH adopted the Euronics brand, with the majority of members signing up immediately to use the brand and to unify in their fight against the multiples. The brand is now stronger than ever throughout Europe and continues to grow and develop as an ‘Independent’ brand.

“Sixty years is a huge milestone,” said Paul Tyler, CEO of CIH. “CIH has gone from strength to strength over the last six decades, providing invaluable support to its members and agents,  ensuring they can compete with the multi-nationals. Euronics is a name people recognise and allows our members to use that brand equity as well as their own family heritage and  reputation within their communities to attract customers. They can be efficient and competitive but stay true to their core values. Members and Agents are exceptional at what they do, and we are here to support them with central distribution of products as well as all of the back office and marketing support.”

CIH Chairman, Steve Scogings, said: “Our agents are family businesses based in the local community and that is our power. Stores have unrivalled knowledge about the products they sell and are hugely successful. This year is about recognising their success as well as CIH’s and we will be holding a member conference in Dubrovnik this September to ensure we all come together and celebrate. We have also taken the anniversary as a moment to refresh our corporate identity to ensure we stay relevant here are now as well as in the future.”

Over 127 agents have been part of the group for over 25 years and 154 have been members for over 20 years. There are a number of members who have been trading for over or almost a century. The oldest store is Hatcher & Sons Ltd who can trace their origins back to 1775 as a drapery store. The members run family-orientated businesses with 87 of them having multigenerational owners and employees.

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