Store away or display? Integrated options for the wine-loving consumer

KitchensFeatures Fri 11th Dec 2020 by Emma Hedges

Store away or display? Integrated options for the wine-loving consumer

Store away or display? Integrated options for the wine-loving consumer

Feature by Emma Hedges | Fri 11th Dec 2020

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With the home improvement trend now truly taking hold, aspirational touches are seeing a marked rise in popularity, and for the wine connoisseur who loves to entertain, integrated wine storage is a no-brainer. 

While working with a client to understand how they intuitively use a kitchen space helps to identify the best way to incorporate wine storage, for those keen to maintain a seamless aesthetic, hiding it behind closed doors is the answer. Equally making sure that is conveniently located so that the homeowners don’t need to move far to replenish drinks enhances the sociability of a space.

“A versatile island unit can hide so many essential elements and is the perfect place to integrate hidden wine storage,” says Mark Mills, managing director for Mereway Kitchens. “Keeping it out of sight, but close to hand – that way when entertaining, friends or family can take over the role of sommelier.”

The English Revival Modern Classic Larder Cabinet from Mereway Kitchens, shown in Indigo Blue and Priory Blue

These two Mowlem & Co designs feature an island unit with cubby holes tucked in neatly beside the breakfast bar

For those with the luxury of space then working wine storage into a separate pantry solution keeps it hidden, but looks impressive when the doors are open.

This magnificent corner drinks cabinet by Davonport has bi-fold doors for easy access and to create a visual centrepiece when the doors are folded back

In this scheme with Tom Howley's Devine Collection, wine storage is kept separate but glass doors mean that the collection can be admired from the rest of the kitchen space

Adding in some extra wine racks can also be a great way to maximise space.

An open wine rack above tall cabinetry in this Masterclass Kitchens design utilises the space in a beautiful and functional way

These wine racks by Brandt Design make inventive use of an awkwardly shaped area under some stairs as part of a dedicated bar area

Using the space above a wine chiller to incorporate red wine storage is both practical and elegant in this scheme by Day True

Of course turning wine storage into a design statement is a guaranteed way to create a stylish focal point in a scheme. Rotpunkt’s Oak Line collection features a selection of tall storage options including a red wine storage solution with wooden racks and a sleek smoked glass door.

The Rotpunkt red wine and mixer unit has integrated lighting and the option of 20mm or 50mm Black Frame Chimney glass door

The chevron wine rack is one of Day True’s most popular storage solutions as it can securely accommodate a large number of bottles, and creates an eye-catching display

A showstopping solution are the impressive wine drawers from Masterclass Kitchens, which place wine storage front and centre of the central island unit. Available in widths from 500mm to 1000mm, they can hold from 8 to 18 bottles, and serve to enhance the unit visually as well as providing practical storage for both wine bottles and glasses.

Masterclass Kitchens wine drawers come in Portland Oak and Tuscan Walnut, as shown here, to match the drawers and cabinetry

For the client who loves to entertain, why not consider a clever piece of design that also creates a talking point? This ingenious revolving wine rack by Searle & Taylor also features hidden glass storage. It looks like a shelf for bottles at first glance, however with a single touch the unit revolves to reveal a separate rack for five wine glasses, and two strong magnets on either side ensure the shelf is kept aligned either way for a streamlined effect.

Searle & Taylor's revolving wine rack photographed by Paul Craig

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