Howdens announces a reduction in CO2 emissions across its fleet

KitchensNews Thu 11th May 2023 by KBBFocus

Howdens announces a reduction in CO2 emissions across its fleet

Howdens announces a reduction in CO2 emissions across its fleet

Trade kitchen manufacturer Howdens has announced that it has cut CO2 emissions by 6% over the last year in its delivery fleet. The reduction can be attributed in part to the increase in driver capability and efficiency, combined with the introduction of Hydrotreated Vegetable Fuel (HVO) which helps to power their vehicles.

Driver efficiency is measured through a telematic system, Microlise, which monitors all Howdens drivers’ performance. Many facets of driving performance are monitored and measured which partnered with effective training improves overall effective driving. The smallest improvements in driving style can mean big reductions to the amount of fuel burned and CO2 emitted. All of this is equated to a score, determining how effective Howden's drivers are on the road. 

Across the entire company, drivers have improved by a further 2% year on year since implementing this method. Alongside improved and efficient driving, Howdens has introduced the usage of HVO Fuel in its vehicles. This stable, renewable, sustainable, and high-quality fuel is quickly becoming an industry standard, due to its positive decrease in CO2 emitted.

Gareth Sterland, head of transport at Howdens, said: “We're encouraged to see these figures; it shows us that the changes we're making are having a positive impact on our CO2 emissions. The team here at Howdens are incredibly enthusiastic about the recently implemented policies and changes, which are garnering positive results in such a short amount of time. Our drivers are especially motivated and driven to keep this progress in motion, as we continually assess our processes and challenge ourselves, and our fleet, to be as environmentally friendly as possible.”

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