Omega PLC launches new paint colours and door designs for 2023

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Omega PLC launches new paint colours and door designs for 2023

Omega PLC launches new paint colours and door designs for 2023

British kitchen manufacturer Omega PLC has launched a new range of colours for 2023. The trend for natural warm tones and cool clean colours is on the rise as people want to invest in the atmosphere of their homes and turn them into a sanctuary from the modern world. The hues Sea Mist, Pebble, and Dune take inspiration from nature and the growing desire to draw the serenity and beauty of the natural world into the home and kitchen.

The Sea Mist shade is an elegant, cooler toned colour that creates a calming and serene atmosphere. Influenced by the tranquillity of the ocean this tone can create a minimalist look or add a touch of style to your home. The Pebble colour has neutral undertones making it a versatile option that pairs beautifully with other colours and textures providing flexibility for customers designing their space and colour palette. The darker shade exudes sophistication and class, making it ideal for creating a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. Dune is a warm, rich and earthy shade that adds depth and a feeling of comfort to a space. It creates a cosy and welcoming atmosphere and pairs beautifully with other neutral tones and nature inspired tones. 

Also new for Omega in 2023 are two new door designs. Natural Woodgrain Light Oak, forms part of the woodgrain family and is a fully FSC Certified laminated MFC door using up to 50% recycled wood, aligning with Omega’s continued CSR goals. The warmth and textured finish add a new dimension to a kitchen design for an individual and contemporary look.

The new five-piece Monarch Shaker has a robust and sturdy construction with elegant smooth slimline panels and meticulous detailing. Taking the classic shaker door and giving it a modern twist, this latest style is available in Indigo and Light Grey PVC-wrapped MDF door non-painted and as a painted option. 

The new paint colours and door designs for 2023 follow the launch of new brand Novus, a modern leading-edge solution in one handleless kitchen.

Pictured is Omega PLC Woodgrain Natural Oak and Anthracite.

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