10 curvaceous basins to suit a relaxing and spa-like bathroom design

BathroomsFeatures Wed 7th Jun 2023 by Angelica Hedges

10 curvaceous basins to suit a relaxing and spa-like bathroom design

10 curvaceous basins to suit a relaxing and spa-like bathroom design

With rounded outlines being increasingly used to enhance the spa-like ambience in a bathroom, Angelica Hedges presents 10 beautiful basins with distinctive organic shapes.

1. The Haku vessel washbowl by Bathrooms to Love is available exclusively from PJH, and is brand-new for 2023. Inspired by biophilic design, the cream-coloured ceramic washbowl measures 400 x 150 x 400mm, and has a rounded pebble shape and natural stone-effect finish to help bring the qualities of the outdoors indoors. It includes an unslotted waste.

2. The Tristano E Isotta collection of freestanding basins was designed by Anita Brotto for the Italian brand Artelinea. The basin was inspired by the legend of Tristan and Isolde, so while the two basins differ, they work together in harmony. The Isotta basin on the left features a glass basin held up by a flowing structure finished in bronze gold. The Tristano glass basin is pictured here with a blue translucent bowl supported by a structure styled like a cage.

3. From the On-Top collection by Acquabella, the Oval XL basin is designed to showcase the current trend for curving waves and arching shapes in interior design. This basin is formed from resin and mineral filler, and is said to be water and thermal shock resistant and antibacterial. The basins are shown here in a pair, measuring at 400 x 150 x 600mm, and are available in Acquabella’s Beton and Slate textures, with more than 2,000 colours to choose from.

4. The Antao collection by Villeroy & Boch is inspired by the asymmetric shape of a dewdrop and is designed to bring the user closer to the natural world in the comfort of their own home. The basins are available in vanity or surface-mounted versions, and come in three different sizes – pictured here is the 650 x 146 x 400mm version. They come in five varying colours: Morning Green, Almond, Pure Black, White Alpine and Stone White, pictured, and are made from the brand’s own TitanCeram material.

5. Designed by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà for RAK Ceramics, the RAK-Cloud oval countertop basin from the RAK-Cloud collection features flowing lines mirroring the curving shapes of clouds to create a tranquil, enveloping feel in the bathroom. The basin comes in freestanding, wall-hung and countertop versions, with measurements of 580 x 150 x 400mm. The basin is available in Matt White, Glossy Alpine White, and Matt Black, pictured here.

6. The Essence Vessel basin from Grohe features an organic shape that echoes natural forms, combined with a reassuring, clean aesthetic. The surface has been coated with the Grohe PureGuard finish for added hygiene and simple maintenance, and it comes in an Alpine White colour. This curvaceous basin comes in two sizes, and is shown here in the 600 x 400mm version. 

7. Designed by Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake for Roca, the Ohtake basin takes its inspiration from elements of nature, such as the change in the horizon, the arch of waves, and the curvature of an egg. The over-countertop basins are made from the company’s unique Fineceramic material, and come in two sizes – 385 x 170 x 550mm and 380 x 180 x 380 – and are available in a variety of on-trend colours.

8. The RAK-Variant collection, designed by Daniel Debiasi and Federico Sandri for RAK Ceramics, features five basin shapes, which include the oval countertop basin on the left, and the over countertop basin with taphole on the right. The simplicity of the shape and the thin edges of the basins are designed to enhance any vanity top, cabinet or console. Both round and square shapes are also available and are all made from 5mm thick high-quality ceramic.

9. Pictured here is the Bristol Freestanding washbasin from BagnoDesign by Sanipex. This collection features shapes inspired by the mid-20th Century, to bring classical elegance into the modern bathroom. This washbasin showcases sweeping soft curves and smooth edges to evoke the atmosphere of an urban spa in the home environment. The basin measures 450 x 850mm and comes without a taphole or overflow.


10. The Zencha collection designed by Sebastian Herkner for Duravit, is inspired by the ceremony of Zen and traditional Japanese rituals and craftsmanship. The shape of the above-counter basin is reminiscent of a Japanese teacup, with rounded shapes that end in a curved outward lip at the top. Made from DuraCeram, this basin comes in four colours, which can include a WonderGliss coating making it easier to clean. It is available in two sizes and is pictured here in the larger 550 x 390mm version.

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