Häfele unveils products and services to make life easier for customers

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Häfele unveils products and services to make life easier for customers

Häfele unveils products and services to make life easier for customers

Manufacturer and distributor Häfele has announced the launch of a wealth of new products and services designed to make life easier for its customers in the year it celebrates its 100th birthday.

The Flex Lighting System, pictured, from Häfele promises to put an end to the complex and time consuming process that can come with installing kitchen and furniture lighting designs. Flex Light is a silicon-based ribbon which can be bent to almost any angle and radius. The system, unique to Häfele, is designed as a single light solution that’s suitable for multiple applications.

It pairs up with a new selection of profiles for plinths, handleless cabinets, worktops, and splashbacks. Users can select the Flex Light profile required for the application, and push-fit the Flex Light ribbon to achieve the desired effect. The profiles have been designed in a variety of lengths to suit applications of different sizes, with two lighting colours – cool white and warm white – available to choose from. The Flex Lighting System can be controlled in many ways, including remotely by an app on the user’s phone via Häfele’s Loox Lighting drivers.

Modu3 is a customisable and modular shelving system that can be both standalone and complementary to Flex Lighting. Combining chipboard or MDF panels – available in five different finishes – with aluminium profiles, various shelving designs can be created using any of the three standard sizes available – 600mm, 900mm and 1200mm.

Häfele has also created different assembly packages to choose from. There is a ‘ready to be assembled’ pack which includes a finishing trim to cover rebate, and a second ‘ready to be assembled’ pack which also includes a complementary shelf. A ‘part assembled pack’ is crafted to a bespoke design submitted by the customer, before being flatpacked via Häfele’s free cutting and packing service. The fourth option sees Modu3 delivered built and ready to fit, while any of the above can also be combined with an integrated Flex Lighting System.

Alongside product-led developments, Häfele is launching its new Bespoke Worktop Service to help customers achieve customisable designs while also saving time during the installation process. 

Tom Fletcher, product, innovation & development manager at Häfele UK, said: “Innovation has been at the heart of our business for 100 years, and we’re still thinking of new and inventive ideas to help transform outdated ways of working. We’ve always worked closely with our customers to understand their pain points, and we use those insights to harness the expertise and experience of our team to come up with a new way of doing things.

"Designs for the home don’t always need to be complex, and we know this latest collection of innovations will see our customers finding greater joy in their jobs as we’ve enabled them to work differently – more efficiently, with more ease, and with more accuracy and quality.”

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