Olive & Barr's Al Bruce – Key trends to include in a showroom design

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Olive & Barr's Al Bruce – Key trends to include in a showroom design

Olive & Barr's Al Bruce – Key trends to include in a showroom design

Al Bruce, founder of Shaker kitchen specialist Olive & Barr, currently has two beautiful showrooms – one in Clapham and the other in Malvern – and is launching a third this Autumn in Gloucester. Here he shares his thoughts on which current trends to include in showroom displays.

Introducing a Mix of Finishes
Mixed materials are something that have been spoken about for a while now with no sign of slowing down. One trend we’re definitely noticing is the increase in customers looking for ways to embrace exposed wood, whether this is used on half of the cabinets, an island or dresser, or a complete wood kitchen.

It’s this increase for alternate finishes that influenced our decision to launch the Ash collection. Launching in September, our brand-new kitchen collection crafted from hardwearing and characterful Ash wood is made by skilled artisans in the UK. Naturally light in colour, the wood is smooth to the touch with a straight or wavy grain for an elegant yet understated patina; ideal for those seeking a more contemporary take on the traditional shaker kitchen.

In addition to exposed wood, fluted glass is still an extremely popular choice, with many opting to include this in their schemes, for example adding to glass-fronted cabinets doors for an industrial look.

Kitchen Islands
Freestanding furniture is also on the rise as consumers look for a more design-led approach to the kitchen island. Often spanning the length of the kitchen and offering a more modern yet informal dining area, kitchen islands are a fundamental element of kitchen design and one many of our customers request in the early stages.

Floating islands, such as a bakers table have also increased in demand, often creating a focal point or feature, these striking freestanding islands are not only functional but great for drawing in the eye and providing that instant wow-factor to guests. We recently installed an oversized freestanding island in a large country-inspired kitchen, it really helped to make space and perfectly aligned with our client’s love for socialising and hosting guests.

Finishing Touches
Open shelving has become popular as more people look to curate their kitchens and display personal belongings in the same space. Interesting tableware, vases and candles all form a key part of a kitchen shelfscape and we’re seeing more and more consumers asking for these to be worked into the design, often in place of traditional wall cabinets which can sometimes block natural light, especially in smaller spaces.

The breakfast cupboard, a natural evolution from the freestanding larder has also become a go-to in many of our customer’s home. Often painted in a colourful and contrasting shade, with bifold doors, these large dressers house breakfast appliances such as coffee machines, toaster and sometimes a microwave; keeping everything neatly concealed yet easily accessible for those long breakfasts around the dining table.

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