1 in 5 Brits are concerned about water quality, says Grohe study

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1 in 5 Brits are concerned about water quality, says Grohe study

1 in 5 Brits are concerned about water quality, says Grohe study

A new YouGov study commissioned by bathroom and kitchen brand Grohe in October 2020 has highlighted concerns around water quality, the nation’s favourite hot drinks and how essential they are to preserving our wellbeing, and the changing attitudes we have to another global crisis – plastic. 

While the UK‘s water quality is among the best in the world, the impact that hard water can have on taste, and suspicions around microplastics, have caused doubts for many. One in five (20%) Brits have some or significant concerns about water quality. This is felt most strongly in regions with hard water, with London seeing the highest rates of concern at 26%. More than one in four (31%) are already using some form of water filtration system at home – from jugs to built-in systems in taps or refrigerators – which suggests consumers value having access to filtered water. 

The study also found that almost seven in 10 (68%) choose to not buy bottled water – a figure that is up by 18% since 2016 when Grohe conducted similar research into plastic-buying habits. 

The research shows that almost half of Brits (49%) are now keen to avoid single-use plastic products but find it difficult to do so, however, 25% are already successfully avoiding or tending to avoid these items when shopping. Those paving the way for a more sustainable future are those aged 18-24 with a third (33%) already actively avoiding single-use items where possible. However, while many are seeking more sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic bottles such as filtration systems and refillable water bottles, 5% of the population confess to buying 10 or more bottles of water per average week.

The study also found that almost three in 10 people (29%) have increased their tea and coffee intake since lockdown, with 55% of tea and coffee drinkers saying they find it helps relieve stress, aid relaxation, boost mood or provide a pick-me-up when feeling upset .

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