Upgrade your dishwasher routine with Smeg

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Upgrade your dishwasher routine with Smeg  Sponsored

Upgrade your dishwasher routine with Smeg

Smeg offers a comprehensive range of energy-efficient built in dishwashers for flexible designs. The features of the A rated DI324AQ and B rated DI323BL have been created with attention to detail for a seamless dishwashing experience.

Designed for convenience and energy-efficiency, a delay timer can be set to run the programme at a suitable time or to take advantage of off-peak energy periods. This can be paired with the Dry Assist feature. At the end of the drying cycle, a special device automatically opens the door slightly to ensure perfect drying. This can save up to 20% of energy as the heater element is required less to achieve the perfect result.

The FlexiDuo cutlery basket is also an intelligent space saving solution. Consisting of 2 blue adjustable and moveable sections, this versatile feature can accommodate tall stemmed glasses below and deep utensils above to help maximise each cycle.

Paired with Smeg’s useful FlexiFit hinge, the door panel has a sliding movement to prevent any possible interference of the panel with the plinth, allowing for easy installation. The solution makes it easy to fit for kitchen installers and solves the problem of maintaining plinth lighting.

Along with large capacities and 3 baskets, the unique, patented planetarium wash system provides complete coverage of the dishwasher with thanks to the eccentric rotation of the spray arm on its base.

Both dishwashers are also fitted with an invertor motor. Guaranteeing a longer service life with reduced energy consumption and noise level, this technology is perfect for open-plan kitchens and night use, especially during off-peak hours for total discretion. With 14 place settings and 12 programmes, the Smeg A Rated DI324AQ is a great example of how this innovative technology reduces noise during each washing cycle as its 42 dB is reduced to 40 dB when in Quiet mode.

Finally, the ExtraGlide telescopic rails offer easy access with each use. With this premium feature the telescopic rails provide a smoother, softer glide creating a seamless experience with each load and unload.

To find out more about Smeg’s latest dishwashers, visit https://www.smeguk.com/dishwashers

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