TKC announces price drop to help boost retailer sales

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TKC announces price drop to help boost retailer sales

TKC announces price drop to help boost retailer sales

TKC has announced a 20% price drop on its popular Vero true handleless kitchen range, effective from 1st August. The price benefit will apply to all current retail customers in the Jigsaw channel who buy complete kitchens from the Manchester-based supplier.

The Vero true handleless range offers four cabinet colours of White, Ivory, Light Grey and Dust Grey and these will be reduced by 20%, while the handleless profiles in all colours will be reduced by 50%. The Vero system can be paired with five of the company’s best-selling door styles notably Vivo gloss, Vivo Matt and Vivo Paint to Order in slab design. Linear offers 6 MFC options and Stratto, a contemporary narrow frame Shaker. There are a total of 22 stock doors plus a wide selection of paint to order options giving retailers depth and breadth of choice to suit varying consumer tastes. Orders will be fulfilled within a 20-day lead time.

Neil Taggart, marketing manager at TKC, said: “Our Jigsaw business has been growing year on year and we are pleased to have loyal customers who are committed to the brand and we aim to attract more. We enjoyed particularly strong post-pandemic sales growth and our sales line remains buoyant this year, such that we have negotiated improved pricing on the cabinetry and rail system.

“We recognise these are challenging times for our retail partners and we want to pass this price benefit on to them. They can either use it to secure sales by having a competitive price edge or keep the extra margin for themselves. Through competitor benchmarking we know this price reduction will make Jigsaw the best priced handleless kitchen offer on the market from a UK-based supplier.

“We get very positive feedback from installers on the quality and simplicity of our system as all cabinets are pre-routered and no battening is required. We believe that these benefits make Jigsaw the choice of the installer, while the price incentive will help current retailers secure more business throughout the rest of the year and afford new retailers more margin if they switch to Jigsaw.”

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