Water efficiency message now ‘absolutely critical’ says UWLA

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Water efficiency message now ‘absolutely critical’ says UWLA

Water efficiency message now ‘absolutely critical’ says UWLA

The Unified Water Label Association (UWLA) is calling on industry and government to come together to focus on water waste which, it says, is now ‘critical’. 

To coincide with World Water Week, which takes place from 20th-24th August, UWLA MD Yvonne Orgill warned that the current climate crisis is making the need to focus on water waste ‘absolutely critical’.

In July, the world experienced its hottest recorded day, while extreme temperatures caused devastating wildfires in Greece and other European countries and  August saw storms rage across northern Italy. Spain had its driest start to a year in the first four months of 2023, resulting in Catalonia authorities imposing new water usage restrictions on 22 villages around the Darnius Boadella reservoir in north eastern Spain, as the aquifer supplying it is almost empty.

Orgill said: “Our water efficiency message is now absolutely critical. Industry must come together with governments to communicate the need to be water-wise and reduce waste, if we are to have any impact and reduce the hardship that will result from severe water shortages. We hope that people can now see that the dangers of warming our planet are no longer something distant, it's here and now and affecting every region in the world. 

“The industry has a smart solution in the Unified Water Label, which is being driven and supported by 70 % of all major brands. More and more companies across Europe are coming on board, displaying the Unified Water Label, and making it easier for consumers to make environmentally friendly choices.

“The Unified Water Label Association is committed to driving home the water efficiency message, encouraging everyone in the supply chain to support us by highlighting the label and the products that carry it, to ensure more of these products are used in the home. We are also working to help consumers understand that they can choose products that fit with their lifestyles, and that they can change behaviours to use products with more awareness.”

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