Smeg’s SpeedwaveXL: Less Time, Extra Space

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Smeg’s SpeedwaveXL: Less Time, Extra Space  Sponsored

Smeg’s SpeedwaveXL: Less Time, Extra Space

As part of the Galileo collection, meet Smeg’s 60cm Linea SpeedwaveXL Combi Microwave in Midnight Black. Designed for excellent performance and tangible space saving improvements, this SpeedwaveXL oven delivers the magic of combi microwaves in an XL form. 

Combining microwave with traditional cooking, the SpeedwaveXL frees up valuable kitchen space on worktops and built-in units. The SpeedwaveXL can be used as a traditional oven or as an XL 900W microwave, or combine the two for golden, crisp, oven baked foods. Providing an alternative to the separate warming drawers and a combi microwave, the SpeedwaveXL can cater for both, whilst offering ample cooking capacity with single or multiple ovens installed for flexibility or symmetry.

Customers can experience professional cooking at home with the generous 68 litre cooking capacity and 5 cooking levels of the SpeedwaveXL. Benefitting from Circulaire technology, which ensures no flavour transfers between dishes, you can cook your favourite sweet and savory meals together.

Cooking can also be taken to the next level thanks to the optional airfry, bbq and pizza stone accessories – extending the oven’s flexibility even further. With a maximum temperature of 280°C and a minimum of 30°C, the SpeedwaveXL is versatile enough to cook anything from an authentic pizza, to proving bread. 

Available in Linea Midnight Black and Neptune Grey, customers who purchase the SpeedwaveXL before 31/12/23 will qualify for a 5 year promotional warranty.

To find out more, visit or contact Smeg's Kitchen Studio team for more information:

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