SAGL and BMA join forces to help job seekers in challenging times

IndustryNews Mon 14th Dec 2020 by Emma Hedges

SAGL and BMA join forces to help job seekers in challenging times

SAGL and BMA join forces to help job seekers in challenging times

Simon Acres Recruitment and the Bathroom Manufacturers Association are joining forces to support those in the industry who have been made redundant and are looking for new roles. The new partnership is said to offer smart solutions to support job seekers, and aims to keep vital skills in the industry. The BMA will help promote bathroom positions via the career page on its website, with visitors to the page able to view a selection of jobs of the week that are available from Simon Acres Recruitment, and also have the ability to click straight through to gain more information. 

“We are delighted to be working with SAGL in this way,” said BMA CEO Tom Reynolds, pictured left. “We are committed to doing all we can to ensure that our industry retains its skill base, and that we have enough opportunities for people to upskill and access training.

“Collective action will help us be most effective and bring much-needed support to those who are currently facing challenging times. Along with SAGL, we are actively involved in the work that FIESTA are doing, in particular their Skills Plus initiative, that will enable employers to attract, recruit and develop the skills of the next generation.”

Simon Acres, pictured right, added: “We have seen a scaling back of staff but this trend is reversing. The introduction of the vaccine has improved confidence that the market will bounce back and we are likely to see a surge in demand for new managerial positions in the New Year. 

“This partnership supports a new era of recruitment solutions for the KBB industry. We share many common values with the BMA, and believe that the best way to deliver tangible results and drive forward common goals, is to work together.”

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