Tom Reynolds – Building resilience and shaping the future today

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Tom Reynolds – Building resilience and shaping the future today

Tom Reynolds – Building resilience and shaping the future today

Tom Reynolds, chief executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association, provides a snapshot of this year’s BMA Industry Conference and reveals why resilience is crucial to the sector’s future.

Adaptability and preparedness have become the cornerstones of success in a rapidly evolving world. This October 9th and 10th, the BMA invites professionals from across the bathroom sector to gather at the luxurious Carden Park Hotel in Cheshire for our highly anticipated two-day Industry Conference 2023. With the theme of resilience taking centre stage, this year's conference promises to empower attendees to navigate challenges and opportunities within the industry.

In the wake of the far-reaching disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for resilient supply chains has never been more evident. The BMA recognises the imperative of fortifying operations and integrating sustainability measures into the fabric of the bathroom sector. This year's conference takes on this pressing challenge head-on.

Day one offers attendees the opportunity to partake in a Technical Workshop to delve into the technical intricacies of Chrome VI or enjoy a friendly competition at the charity golf event. Our Marketing Workshop will kickstart a new research project on water efficiency, specifically the psychology behind personal habits and nudging behavioural change. We will also set the objectives for the research and develop a methodology to ensure these objectives are met.

We also have a gin-tasting event on the agenda, fostering a relaxed atmosphere for networking and camaraderie. The day culminates in an Oktoberfest Dinner, where industry peers can unwind, exchange ideas, and forge meaningful connections.

On day two, we have several important speakers: Bonita Morris, with her insights on 'The Resilient Mindset'; Patrick Ricketts and Kanthi Ford, sharing their perspectives on 'Resilience Through Diversity'; and Vicky Pryce, addressing resilience in the economy.

The highlight of the day is the 'Big Debate'. This interactive session brings together luminaries from logistics, sustainability, manufacturing, and governmental spheres. The ongoing repercussions of the pandemic on global supply chains underscore the necessity of this discussion. Like many others, the bathroom sector was not exempt from the vulnerabilities laid bare by the crisis. Participants will dissect these issues, share best practices, and illuminate strategies to build resilience within supply chains. Sustainability, a cornerstone of the conversation, will drive home the importance of an ethical and eco-conscious approach to securing the sector's future.

The second day concludes with a black-tie Gala Dinner, coupled with the prestigious BMA Sustainability Awards. This celebratory affair embraces sustainability in its accolades while enjoying a delectable four-course meal. The evening's proceeds, generated through a raffle and auction, will bolster the efforts of the charity partner, CRASH, in making a tangible impact.

In an era where disruptions have the potential to reshape industries overnight, this conference is a call to arms for all stakeholders, reminding them that strength lies in unity and preparedness. The bathroom sector, we hope, will use the lessons learned at the conference to craft the roadmap for its own resilient and sustainable future. Will you be there to contribute to this transformative narrative?

Tickets are limited, so please book your place via our Industry Conference 2023 website.

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