We must fulfil homeowners' showering needs, says JT's John Schofield

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We must fulfil homeowners' showering needs, says JT's John Schofield

We must fulfil homeowners' showering needs, says JT's John Schofield

Following the findings in the 2023 UK Houzz Bathroom Trends Study that revealed almost three-quarters of homeowners recently upgraded their shower (74%) with more than two-thirds increasing their shower size during renovations (68%), John Schofield, sales & marketing director at shower tray manufacturer Just Trays, has highlighted how industry can meet consumers' showering needs.

He said: “An awkwardly shaped showering area shouldn’t be viewed as an obstacle but should be embraced and viewed as a unique selling point for a bathroom. With a bit of imagination, and of course choosing the right products, it’s easier than ever to tackle awkward-shaped spaces and create a bathroom that will really wow your client, and also fit their needs. It’s important for bathroom designers to work closely with manufacturers who offer a wide range of shower products that will work for any bathroom, no matter how small or awkward the space may be."

He added that while increasing mortgage rates and the current cost-of-living crisis may put some homeowners off investing in a renovation project, others may be motivated to invest in a project as an alternative to footing the bigger bill of moving house.

He continued: “Whilst some homeowners will be looking to renovate their bathroom at a lower cost due to the current financial crisis, every penny counts – clients will be searching for a bathroom solution that is built to last. For example, developments in showering technology and manufacturing such as anti-slip, continue to provide homeowners with the installation confidence that they require, however according to recent research, 41% of consumers didn’t know this innovation existed! All JT, shower trays are guaranteed for 25 years, which now includes all of our Anti Slip trays due to the recent innovation of the anti-slip properties being built into the skin; this gives consumers the confidence of longevity they are looking for in such a significant investment into their home."

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