Sapienstone joins ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme

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Sapienstone joins ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme

Sapienstone joins ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme

SapienStone, a brand of Iris Ceramica Group specialising in the production and marketing of large-format ceramics, has recently joined the ArtiCAD Supplier Partnership Programme. The SapienStone collections, consisting of over 40 colours in 3 finishes, are now available in ArtiCAD.

The company works with high-end stockists, distributors, architects and interior designers in over 120 countries world-wide with production lines in Italy, Germany and USA. With high-performance materials, along with ongoing research, SapienStone surfaces can be used to create tops and countertops for residential use, catering and hospitality industries plus any kind of furniture surface.

Matteo Sghedoni, retail co-ordinator UK at SapienStone, said: “We were familiar with the ArtiCAD software and took the decision to join the Partnership Programme in January 2023 as we see it as an essential step for our growth in the UK market. With the new partnership, we hope to develop an increased awareness of our products amongst the ArtiCAD customer base by engaging with designers and encouraging them to use our surfaces in their designs. We’ve found working with ArtiCAD really professional. It’s been a straightforward process and we’re extremely happy with how ArtiCAD represents our products. The SapienStone catalogue will see 2 updates per year with new colours and finishes added each time.”

Theresa Turner, director at ArtiCAD: “We’re thrilled to welcome SapienStone as a valued addition to our ever-expanding Supplier Partnership Programme. We are always excited when a new supplier joins with distinctive products – not only for ArtiCAD but also for designers using our software who now have access to their full portfolio of products.”

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