The biggest kitchen design trend right now

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The biggest kitchen design trend right now  Sponsored

The biggest kitchen design trend right now

For the last few years design trends have focused around bringing elements of the outside world into the home to create organic spaces and this need for tactile and nature-inspired spaces doesn’t look set to stop anytime soon. For this reason, earthy tones continue to increase in popularity with consumers actively searching for ways to bring a natural softness to their homes.

Whilst applying these elements to soft furnishings makes for an easy decision, leaning too heavily on trends can be a disaster in a kitchen space that is designed to last for years, but that is why the Caesarstone in-house design team spend years developing their upcoming worksurfaces. Our designers pour over our surface designs ensuring that the final creation is not only beautiful but timeless too, with a Lifetime Warranty included to further reassure customers that it will look just as perfect at install as it will many years down the line.

Across our comprehensive suite of colours within our trend-leading portfolio we offer numerous surfaces that meet this growing consumer demand for including brown, beige and greige tones into their kitchen designs. These earthy tones communicate warmth and comfort, whilst also offering a perfect foundation for designs seeking to evoke a more organic and sustainable approach to interior living. 

“Incorporating organic textures and earthy tones into the kitchen is a wonderful way of creating a cosy and calming environment in the home” – Mor Krisher, Head of Product Design at Caesarstone.

Beige toned surfaces
Utterly timeless, beige surfaces are the perfect alternative to crisp white. Light enough to make a space feel bright and airy, they also promise to bring a serene and calm feel to a kitchen thanks to their soft, organic hues and gentle motifs.

Caesarstone’s suite of beige earthy tones pair beautifully with other colours, both neutral and brighter shades, and can make a quiet statement on their own through the carefully considered subtle detailing present in each design.

5212 Taj Royale, a brand new addition to our portfolio ties perfectly into this trend offering a silky interplay of tanned tone and copper-brown veining. For a more urban spin on the beige trend 4023 Topus Concrete or 412 Beige Ciment are beautiful options for adding a more tactility to the kitchen space.

Greige toned surfaces
As the trend for authentic and raw materials show no signs of slowing down, greige tones in particular, continue to draw attention. Caesarstone offer a number of designs that capture this contemporary feel whilst maintaining an organic and warm look inspired by both the natural and the man-made.

Whether choosing intricate veining reminiscent of the most striking features found in the natural world or concrete designs inspired by the urban aesthetic, Caesarstone have multiple greige surfaces to offer. 6046 Moorland Fog, one of our most popular surfaces, is characterised by its romantic swirling veins of taupe, foggy browns and greys. 513 Striata on the other hand is far more geologically inspired, bringing the look of weathered rock right into the home through its dramatic veining of chalky-white and burnt orange streaks.


Brown toned surfaces
Shades of brown can be bold and dramatic or rustic and cosseting. Versatile and practical, Caesarstone’s brown tones can instantly warm a room that feels too stark or add atmosphere to any project. Adding depth to any scheme, these surfaces will provide an unexpected, stylish and natural twist. Our brown toned surfaces have been seen used throughout entire kitchens or in smaller spaces such as walk-in pantries and bars, both to great effect.

6338 Woodlands is a rich and dramatic surface, defined by its dark-chocolate base and swirling caramel veins. 6270 Atlantic Salt brings a very different feel, reminiscent of sea minerals, this surface displays a peppered base of brown, grey and white.

So, if you’re looking for a beautiful surface for your customer to bring earthy tones and organic style to your design, then look no further than the Caesarstone range. You can view our full catalogue here:

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