2023 Winter trend highlights with Smeg

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2023 Winter trend highlights with Smeg  Sponsored

2023 Winter trend highlights with Smeg

With earthy tones and tactile textures popular this Winter, consumers are looking for tangible solutions for an effortlessly modern kitchen design. When investing into the heart of the home, consumers want reliable yet sophisticated products. From smarter cooking benefits, to energy conscious features, Smeg are pleased to highlight our focal products that are perfect for this winter season. 

Space Saving
Utilise your kitchen storage with space saving solutions. Smeg’s multi-functional appliances allow consumers to gain valuable counter and built-in storage space offers them an organised kitchen environment. Smeg’s HOBD provides extraction without the need for a hood, making it perfect for kitchens with islands. Seamlessly combining traditional and microwave cooking within one appliance, the SpeedwaveXL provides an alternative to the separate warming drawers and combi microwave. With the ability to cater to both, the SpeedwaveXL offers ample cooking capacity with single or multiple ovens installed for flexibility or symmetry.  Cooking can also be taken to the next level with thanks to the optional airfry, BBQ and pizza stone accessories – extending the oven’s flexibility even further.

Cohesive Design
Smeg offer a sophisticated range of cohesive aesthetics. The Matte Black collection joins our Classic range and provides effortless elegance within the home. For added texture and depth, its edgy appearance will be the focal point in your kitchen. Our luxury Neptune Grey collection boasts the refined changes of the Linea aesthetic. For a contemporary appeal, its deep hues and matte textures will perfectly complement and exude elevated style and design within your consumers kitchen design.

Convenient Living
For professional cooking with ease, consumers can maximise their kitchen experience at home with our innovative technology. Offering smart cooking features and reduced cooking times, Smeg’s AREA induction hobs, Omnichef ovens, and built-in dishwashers make light work of time-consuming tasks for consumers.

Economical Appliances
During the colder months, consumers are looking for cost-effective solutions and energy-efficient investments at home. Smeg’s A-Rated Washing Machine and Dishwasher provide longevity and enhanced performance, whilst providing eco-friendly features. In addition, Smeg’s highly efficient A+++ rated Dryer has been carefully designed for heat and energy conservation. These products are perfect for those looking to invest in their laundry and dishwashing routines.

To find out more, click HERE or contact Smeg’s Kitchen Studio team for more information kitchens@smeguk.com.

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