Multipanel's Lidia Cetrangolo on bathroom colours we'll see in 2024

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Multipanel's Lidia Cetrangolo on bathroom colours we'll see in 2024

Multipanel's Lidia Cetrangolo on bathroom colours we'll see in 2024

Lidia Cetrangolo, marketing manager at bathroom wall-panelling brand Multipanel, explores the colour trends we can expect to see in bathrooms in next year.

Bathroom colour schemes can set the whole tone and ambience of the room which is why it is important that designers are able to help customers pick a colour that is right for them. Colour trends come and go and while it might be easy to repaint walls, it can be harder and more expensive to replace surface choices.

When it comes to helping customers to pick the right colour for them, it is worth asking them to consider whether they want the room that energises with hits of bright colours or perhaps something more relaxing that helps them to switch off at the end of the day. The bathroom colour trends for 2024 offer a wide variety of choice in shades that are proving popular for lengthy periods.

One of the emerging colours for 2024 is neutrals. Think warm honey tones and beige colours for the walls, and oak flooring – or a replica of this through click flooring for better wear. A successful bathroom colour palette will have layers of different tones to help it not feel one-dimensional but not overly busy either. Choosing a neutral colour scheme will provide a timeless appeal to a bathroom.

Green has been a popular choice for bathrooms for the last three years, and this will continue into 2024 as it has an enduring quality to it. However, the trend is moving away from deep forest greens to delicate sage. It is a beautiful shade as it is both happy and positive and has a yellow undertone that removes any coldness. 

Soft and natural greens work wonders on plain, dull walls, particularly when paired with white and natural wood tones and acts as a perfect backdrop to creating lovely bright bathrooms.

If you’re wanting to get ahead of the curve with bathroom trends, then black is the one. Generally, there is a lag in bathroom design of about 18 months behind what has been popular in kitchens, and black has been hugely successful in this space.

Most people will think that black isn’t a very relaxing colour for a bathroom, but this is incorrect. Both black and dark grey can work surprisingly well as they are one of the most timeless colour choices. Black bathrooms can offer a spa-like feel and a sense of calm, while also offering a modern and sleek aesthetic compared to other colours. 

Black is also great for creating a dramatic contrast to the rest of the bathroom. By opting for a dark or black feature wall it can help open up rooms if used strategically. The dark effect pushes the wall into the foreground, while the rest of the room becomes subdued. This, in turn, becomes a visual guideline for our eyes, creating the illusion of depth in the process.

And finally, pink. Pink is being tipped as ‘the’ colour for 2024 so we’re expecting it to feature in bathrooms a lot. However, 2024 isn’t about vibrant pinks and instead we’ll see subtle takes on the colour that will help to create a sense of calm and harmony.

Pink is also incredibly versatile as it can be used as a standalone colour, but also as a backdrop to other shades that are proving popular in 2024 – neutrals, browns and damsons. Pink also works well with greens, blues and greys, and blends well with most styles of decor, including countrycore and more edgy industrial vibes.

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