Elevate your kitchen design with winning worktops and wooden cabinetry

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Elevate your kitchen design with winning worktops and wooden cabinetry  Sponsored

Elevate your kitchen design with winning worktops and wooden cabinetry

Choosing the perfect pairing of kitchen cabinets and worktops can be a daunting task, given the plethora of styles available. If you're drawn to the warmth of wood, explore these inspiring combinations of cabinets and Caesarstone worktops to bring your customer’s dream kitchen to life.

Harmonising Light and Dark

Caesarstone 5031 Statuario Maximus with 4033 Rugged Concrete, Kitchen design by Inglis Hall, Photographer Leigh Simpson

Delve into the art of marrying light and dark tones in the heart of your home. Mor Krisher, Head of Design, suggests the allure of dark worktops alongside natural woods like oak or walnut, complemented by metallic accents such as brass, copper, or steel taps and handles. This combination not only creates a timeless and captivating aesthetic but also maintains an open and neutral feel. The interplay of dark surfaces with light wooden cabinetry and flooring adds depth and character, making it ideal for both cozy and dramatic atmospheres.

Incorporating metallic accents into open shelving and decorative items enhances the textural and colour harmony. Consider pendant lighting with metallic details or a statement chandelier over your kitchen island for an overall enhanced ambiance. Inject pops of contrast and vibrancy through colourful elements like kitchen textiles, dishes, or vases. Take inspiration from the Georgian manor house kitchen in Sissinghurst, Kent, designed by Inglis Hall, featuring raw oak cabinetry paired with Caesarstone’s 4033 Rugged Concrete and 5031 Statuario Maximus surfaces.

Balancing Modern and Traditional

Caesarstone 4043 Primordia, Kitchen design by Archispek

Fear not the combination of diverse design aesthetics, even if they hail from different eras or regions. Huse Kilic, a designer at Archispek Kitchens, seamlessly blended modern and warm Scandinavian influences for a West Edinburgh-based family. Caesarstone’s 4043 Primordia concrete-inspired surface played a pivotal role, tying together the natural woods, sleek lines, and refined pastel colours. The concrete waterfall island served as a practical and aesthetically pleasing centrepiece, modernising traditional wooden cabinets.

Caesarstone 5143 White Attica, Kitchen design by H. Miller Bros

Global design influences also come into play, as seen in a kitchen by H. Miller Bros combining traditional Japanese craftsmanship with Scandi-inspired design, featuring Caesarstone’s 5143 White Attica worktops. To achieve a harmonious balance in your kitchen design, select cabinetry with traditional warmth, incorporating modern materials like Caesarstone worktops in a neutral palette. Add a full-height splashback using your chosen worktop and blend traditional and modern accessories for a well-rounded aesthetic.

Drawing Inspiration from Nature

Caesarstone 4043 Primordia, Kitchen design by RX Architects, Photography Richard Chivers

Celebrate the timeless design inspiration found in nature's textures, forms, and beauty within your kitchen. Seabreeze, a coastal home in Camber Sands, East Sussex, selected Caesarstone’s 4043 Primordia surface to resonate with the outdoors. The grey base colour, flecked with rusty reds and light yellows, mirrors the stones and sand of the beach, creating a holiday home that captures the essence of the English seaside.

When designing a kitchen to embrace the natural world, opt for work surfaces and cabinetry that mimic the textures and colours found in nature. Caesarstone worktops with earthy hues and veining patterns evoke the rugged yet captivating qualities of the outdoors. Accessorise with natural materials such as wooden utensils, wicker baskets, and stone trivets, bringing a sense of outdoor charm indoors. Earth-toned textiles and the addition of potted plants or fresh herbs complete the connection to the tranquillity of the outside world.

Ready to Craft Your Customer’s Dream Kitchen?
For more inspiration, explore the Caesarstone catalogue to discover the latest in kitchen surfaces. With creativity and quality materials, Caesarstone enables you to curate a visually stunning and highly functional kitchen space.

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