Elliott Fairlie – Retailers can get ahead with ultra-slim worktops

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Elliott Fairlie – Retailers can get ahead with ultra-slim worktops

Elliott Fairlie – Retailers can get ahead with ultra-slim worktops

Driven by aesthetic trends that are defining 2024 kitchen designs, the demand for ultra-slim kitchen worktops continues to grow. Elliott Fairlie, product lead at Bushboard, explains how this is an opportunity retailers can really capitalise on.

When it’s time to overhaul a kitchen, the possibilities are seemingly endless. From cabinetry, lighting and worktops to taps, splashbacks and flooring, it’s as important as ever that retailers stay on top of what’s hot and what’s not. Whether due to their ability to create a personalised style or a multipurpose space, ultra-slim kitchen worktops are most definitely in – and there’s no sign of this changing any time soon.

Long gone are the days where an unattainable price tag might have discouraged homeowners from even exploring what an ultra-slim worktop might bring to their kitchen. Thanks to the latest innovations, like Bushboard’s recently refreshed Zenith range, retailers have the chance to offer a premium quality product at a fraction of the traditional cost. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, this gives retailers the opportunity to create a wider appeal around this product category than ever before.

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Ultra-slim profiles are no small matter
Throughout recent years, the desire to create the ‘barely-there’ effect from thin yet extremely durable worktops has grown exponentially. Slimline countertops can add instant appeal to any home aiming to recreate a luxurious, contemporary look that was once only possible through costly stone, quartz or marble materials. Each worksurface, breakfast bar and upstand from the Zenith range is made from premium compact laminate which has been carefully manufactured to achieve an ultra-slim profile.

With Zenith, retailers can offer 20 on-trend designs that replicate the look and texture of real stone and marble equivalents. Bushboard has also introduced six new décors, including the Marmor Paros and Pokhara Marble light stone finishes, in addition to Corroda and Don Tello Marble. With any kitchen product, it’s essential that retailers are prepared for the cyclical shift in aesthetic trends – the proactive refresh of Zenith, which has resulted in a variety of unique options designed to stand the test of time, enables them to do just that.

Ultra-slim worktops also encourage households to experiment with mixed surfaces. For instance, it is possible to create both a personalised, unique design while cultivating a multifunctional space where zones are created purely by the different thicknesses and depths of the surfaces. Those looking to incorporate a timber finish into their kitchen, for example, may opt for a thicker surface, whereas those keen on marbles, stones or metal are more likely to opt for stainless steel, thinner designs – the possibilities are endless.

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Pioneering with unprecedented features
With a wide variety of kitchen worktop decors now a given, it’s important that retailers are also aware of the innovative design features offered by the products they may choose to offer their customer base. Bushboard, for instance, has developed Traceless Premium, a unique anti-fingerprint surface available on its new Zenith décors. This feature offers a velvety feel and deep matt finish which absorbs light to create a stunning result. The surface’s technology also ensures that micro-scratches are easily repairable using only a melamine sponge.

Accompanying Traceless Premium is the inclusion of Antibacterial Protection, which is added to the compact laminate in the form of a resin during the manufacturing process. This serves to limit bacterial growth by up to 99.9 per cent of the surface’s lifetime – providing the peace of mind to both the retailer and their customer that they are promoting a hygienic environment as well as one which is visually appealing.

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Installing with ease
As ever, installers play a major role in achieving the desired finish for any kitchen project, which is why it’s crucial that the products they are working with are straightforward to install and don’t require an abundance of specialist tools. Zenith, for instance, allows for on-site installation, helping to avoid the time typically required to travel, measure and cut the worktop off-site. Installers can also use the same tools that would be required with any laminate worktop, ensuring the process is as cost- and time-effective as possible.

Getting ahead of the game
Thanks to their ability to provide homeowners with a premium look without compromising on performance, retailers are encouraged to capitalise on the growing demand for ultra-slim kitchen work surfaces. Offering a versatile, slimline solution, like Zenith, that will undoubtedly appeal to kitchen projects in both the near and distant future will be key to staying ahead of the game.

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