Pronteau HotKey by Abode partners with top chef Ronnie Murray

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Pronteau HotKey by Abode partners with top chef Ronnie Murray

Pronteau HotKey by Abode partners with top chef Ronnie Murray

Designer and distributor of kitchen sinks & taps Abode has announced its latest brand partnership with top British chef, restaurateur and accessibility champion, Ronnie Murray, pictured. 

According to Abode, Murray – who is known for putting a modern twist on traditional British food so that his culinary expertise as a private chef and restaurant consultant is ever-evolving – is always pushing to help its customers optimise the wash zone and take more control of their water supply. Working together to make home-cooked food both accessible and fun, Murray has created a series of recipes for Abode customers that demonstrate why a Pronteau HotKey instant hot water tap with patented sensor technology is a safe, efficient, and stylish cooking aid for the contemporary kitchen. 

Leanne Stansfield, marketing manager at Abode, said: “We are delighted to announce that renowned chef and personality, Ronnie Murray, is brand partner of our market leading Pronteau HotKey Collection. As a disabled chef, Ronnie is a keen advocate for making the hospitality industry more inclusive and accessible and he is committed to training young disabled people in the kitchen. Another one of Ronnie’s passions is sustainability with a keen interest in limiting food waste wherever possible! Given our ongoing focus on new product development to factor in ways to save water, energy and allow ease of recycling as well as the functional and aesthetic benefits, we really appreciate the significance of partnering with Ronnie.” 

Paul Illingworth, design manager at Abode, said: “Our mission is to remove barriers to provide quick and easy cooking with products which are stylish, safe, and all-inclusive. In doing so, we’re able to support the home chef by helping them save time and effort when prepping and cooking food, making hot drinks and even washing up!”

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