Methven champions Water Saving Week by promoting water-saving habits

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Methven champions Water Saving Week by promoting water-saving habits

Methven champions Water Saving Week by promoting water-saving habits

Shower and tap manufacturer Methven has been lending it’s support to Water Saving Week, which kicked off on 13th May, by calling on the bathroom industry to encourage consumers to make water-saving an essential part of their daily lifestyles.

The campaign for this year’s Water Saving Week, which is organised by Waterwise and is now in its 8th year, focusses on how small water-saving habits, when incorporated into daily routines, collectively can make a big impact on water conservation. 

According to Waterwise, showers, toilets, baths, and bathroom sinks consume more than two-thirds (68%) of household water. Waterwise also emphasise the significance of climate change as a threat to our water supply, especially as the population expands.

Emma Foster Methven's head of marketing and product, said: “Deciding where to start when it comes to selecting the right bathroom fixtures can be daunting, given the number of products available on the market. As manufacturers, it is our responsibility to present user benefits, including daily water-saving advantages, in an easily understandable format. 

“Beyond purchasing decisions, it is also crucial, as a company in the bathroom industry, to equip consumers with the necessary tools to make informed choices about their next product purchase.

“For example, our water and energy savings calculator allows users to input their shower usage and get an indication of how much water they can save by switching to a handset or shower with a lower flow rate.

 “From a brand perspective, we are also committed to designing products that use less water without compromised performance. We can help consumers reduce carbon emissions by 800kg, resulting in savings of over £550 on household bills and lowering water consumption by up to 91,000 litres per year* simply by switching to a Kiri low flow shower head from a conventional head which can use 15 litres per minute.”

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