Grohe to return to ISH in 2025 as it looks to enhance profitability

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Grohe to return to ISH in 2025 as it looks to enhance profitability

Grohe to return to ISH in 2025 as it looks to enhance profitability

Grohe has unveiled its ‘strategic roadmap’ for the upcoming fiscal year after announcing a sales drop of 17% in the EMEA region. It has also split the EMENA region and unveiled its plans to participate in key industry events such as ISH in March 2025 as part of its plans to 'enhance profitability'.

In a statement, Bijoy Mohan, leader, Lixil International, said: “Our roadmap for the upcoming fiscal year reflects our unwavering commitment to our consumers and customers, product leadership, and organisational excellence. A first highlight was our recent presence at Milan Design Week where we showcased the pinnacle of our portfolio with Grohe Spa. 

“Through product innovations and collaborations with key industry partners, we are confident in our ability to drive sustainable growth, delivering value to our customers and stakeholders alike, empowering them to thrive in a dynamic market environment. In the face of challenging global market conditions, our international business, especially in Europe, experienced a notable slowdown in demand throughout the year. To address these unprecedented challenges head-on, we have implemented strategic measures for the Grohe brand and the European market. We are confident that these proactive initiatives will not only mitigate the impact of adverse market conditions but also enhance our profitability throughout the fiscal year ending March 2025.” 

For the last fiscal year covering 1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024, the Lixil EMEA region experienced a sales drop of 17% on a local currency basis. As a result, Lixil has introduced a new regional set-up, which it says is designed to better cater to diverse market requirements and conditions and enable a more tailored approach in customer engagement and sales growth for its Grohe brand. 

From 1st April 2024, the EMENA region has been split in two: Europe and IMEA, comprising India & Subcontinent, the Middle East, including Turkey, and the entire African continent. The company says this ‘strategic realignment will enable the organisation to deploy more custom-fit strategies and tactics, ensuring enhanced support for customers across Europe, IMEA, and beyond’. It is also hoped the new set-up will facilitate expansion opportunities in the IMEA region for its portfolio beyond the Grohe brand as part of Lixil’s broader ambitions for growth and market penetration. 

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