Blanco's Neal Jones on the revolutionary new CHOICE.ALL drinks system

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Blanco's Neal Jones on the revolutionary new CHOICE.ALL drinks system

Blanco's Neal Jones on the revolutionary new CHOICE.ALL drinks system

Blanco UK MD Neal Jones reveals how the newly launched CHOICE.ALL drinks system is a game changer when it comes to helping retailers and designers offer their clients ultimate personalisation.

Q: Tell us about the new Blanco CHOICE – what does it offer homeowners?
A: We’re excited to have launched the new Blanco CHOICE as it’s the first drinks system of its kind available in the UK and we believe it’s going to take personalisation in kitchen design to the next level.

The system offers better tasting water in a wide range of formats and temperatures, giving homeowners access to 2 types of sparkling water (medium sparkling and fully sparkling), as well as filtered still water (boiling and chilled), and unfiltered hot and cold water. With CHOICE, there is no need for multiple products, like a kettle or bottled water, so homeowners can free up all-important storage space in their kitchens. Plus, this is the first time we have offered a sparkling water option in the UK, giving consumers a complete drinking water solution. 

The platform includes an under-sink water conditioning unit, the brand new CHOICE ICONA semi-professional kitchen tap, and is accompanied by a new Blanco UNIT app. The user-experience is second to none and kitchen designers, retailers and architects should be really excited about being able to offer the CHOICE to homeowners renovating their kitchens. As well as being able to choose from 4 different colourways – Brushed Stainless Steel, Satin Dark Steel, Black Matt and Satin Gold – homeowners can even use the app to save favourite water temperatures and volume settings, for a complete and holistic approach to the kitchen water place. 

The new two-jet CHOICE ICONA tap features an intuitive touch control with a colour-coded LED light ring to indicate boiling, still and sparkling preferences

Q: Why have you launched it now – is it in response to any particular trends?
A: We've been offering drink systems for a number of years, but CHOICE will represent our flagship system. We’re all looking for clever hacks to make our lives easier and more streamlined and we predict that there will be a real shift towards households having an all-in-one drink system that offers multiple types of water. The CHOICE does exactly that – not only is it an incredible space saver, but it also comes in 4 different colour options that tap into current design trends. We introduced consumers to the Blanco CHOICE at the Ideal Home Show in April 2024 and we could see how excited they were at being able to have a drinks system like this in their homes. At Blanco, we believe that kitchen designers and retailers should be striving to make kitchen life easier and more enjoyable for their clients. The launch of CHOICE means Blanco customers can excite homeowners with a revolutionary drink system that can be personalised to their tastes. 

The CHOICE ICONA tap is available in Brushed Stainless Steel, shown here, as well as Satin Dark Steel, Black Matt and Satin Gold

Q: How does it help kitchen retailers and designers when it comes to creating a dream kitchen for their clients?
A: Whether kitchen designers and retailers are working with a large or small space, it’s important to create a functional area of the kitchen that makes their clients’ everyday tasks easier. Blanco’s mantra is to provide impeccable design and functionality, and we believe the combination of a CHOICE drink system with a Blanco sink and matching tap and drainage components, is something no one else can offer.

A CHOICE.ALL water conditioning unit is just 20cm wide, so kitchen retailers can really maximise the available cabinet space for storage. For example, there’s the option to add Blanco organisation elements such as the ORGA Shelf, a SELECT II integrated organisation system or a portable XL Bag that can be used as additional storage or to collect dry recyclable materials. Plus, we’ve made the installation process as easy as possible. The streamlined set-up and touch screen navigation on the water conditioning unit means that the entire system can be up and running in half the time of some of the other drink systems on the market.

Our customers can trust that the Blanco CHOICE will give them the opportunity to delight their clients with an all-in-one system that makes their time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable. A dream kitchen may be made up of various clever components, but the water place should not be overlooked, especially when we know that consumers spend around 60% of their time in the kitchen at the sink. 

The BLANCO Multi Frame, which combines the organisation system with Blanco's CHOICE drinks system, offers ease of planning, simple installation, and optimal use of space

Q: What support are you offering retailers when it comes to the latest products? 
A: We’re passionate about supporting Blanco retailers at multiple touch points, including providing trained engineers to install our products in their customers’ homes. Retailers can trust Blanco’s team of knowledgeable experts to make installations as streamlined as possible, giving them reassurance that their customers will be taken care of from start to finish. We have some great promotions lined up for the rest of the year and we will also be launching a consumer campaign to drive awareness and demand on the shop floor.   

Q: Are you currently looking to grow your retailer network?
A: As well as maintaining positive and productive relationships with our existing retailers, Blanco is always open to supporting growth in its retailer network.

Q: How optimistic are you feeling about the market looking ahead?
A: We are investing significantly in both our brand and the innovation. CHOICE is a good example of this and we’ll see a continuation of ‘firsts’ to help support customer needs and reaffirm ourselves as the kitchen water place experts.

The Blanco Multi Frame and CHOICE.ALL system is the first of its kind in the UK, and helps to optimise under-sink storage and create a simplified and user-friendly kitchen experience

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