Interview: Ashley Munden – How you can maximise food waste disposers

InterviewFeatures Thu 27th Jun 2024 by Nicola Hanley

Interview: Ashley Munden – How you can maximise food waste disposers

Interview: Ashley Munden – How you can maximise food waste disposers

Feature by Nicola Hanley | Thu 27th Jun 2024

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As InSinkErator gears up for the August launch of its Next Generation of food waste disposers, Ashley Munden gives Nicola Hanley the low-down on the new range.

Food waste disposers might not be the most glamorous of items within the kitchen, but they are becoming an increasingly important product category. “People are more interested in food waste disposers than a few years ago,” says Ashley Munden, MD, EMEA, at InSinkErator. “It’s a subject people are more engaged with now and we find retailers are taking it much more seriously.”

Munden says that in the US, which is InSinkErator’s home market, about 52% of properties have a food waste disposer, while in the UK, that figure is closer to 10%. It’s providing the manufacturer and its retailers with fresh opportunities. “Consumers are having to behave differently in their kitchens now. Today a food waste disposer isn’t just a product that’s nice to have – it’s one that makes a real difference,” Munden says. “I see the popularity of disposers just growing now. And as it doesn’t replace another product, it’s a brand-new sale for retailers.”

InSinkErator used its stand at KBB Birmingham 2024 to preview its Next Generation of food waste disposers

While changing consumer behaviour and growing awareness around food waste is positively impacting the disposer category, InSinkErator is looking to drive the conversation even further with the launch of its Next Generation range.

“We invented this product around 97 years ago so consumers expect us to be leading this category when it comes to technology,” says Munden. “As a manufacturer we have to make sure we’re continually developing our products so they meet the needs of our demanding customers. We can’t rest on our laurels, we have to get better.”

The Next Generation food waste disposers have been designed with hygiene and sustainability in mind

The new Next Generation disposers are more powerful than products within InSinkErator’s existing domestic ranges. They feature a 1 horse power motor, which was previously reserved for its commercial installations, Multigrind Technology to deal with tougher scraps quickly and efficiently, and SoundSeal Technology to keep noise to a minimum. The units are also designed to be more compact – the overall diameter is now 20.9cm as opposed to 23.4cm – to suit kitchens of all sizes, they're easier to install and more aesthetically pleasing. “For us the message is that the best disposer just got better. We’re trying to make sure our products meet the needs of our customers. Of course, if the consumer is happy, the retailer is happy. Retailers have allegiances to brands but they need happy customers.”

In the UK, less than 10% of homes have a food waste disposer compared to 52% in the USA

To support the August launch, InSinkErator has invested a 6-figure sum in creating a new campaign. It includes a new brochure, which Munden describes as “the most attractive and informative brochure I’ve ever seen”, new POS, videos and social media content. “The new campaign is very colourful, engaging and bright. We want to connect with our customers in a fun way. It’s a very visual, colourful campaign and I’m really excited about it.”

Next Generation food waste disposers have a powerful 1HP motor and feature MultiGrind Technology

While Next Generation is one of InSinkErator’s most significant launches to date, Munden says the manufacturer isn’t sitting still and is already looking at what’s next. “We have a new product plan so we’ll continue to add to the hot water tap side of the business and that’s an area we’ll develop alongside our disposers. We won’t stop with Next Generation and we look forward to sharing new products in 2025.

Ideal for smaller spaces, the Next Generation unit has a more compact 20.9cm diameter

"As a manufacturer, we’ve never stopped investing in the business and we’ve never taken our foot off the gas and I think that’s what you have to do, even in challenging markets. You have to continue investing in your customers.”

InSinkErator is also continuing to invest in and develop its boiling hot water tap collection

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