Roca adds innovative new Smart Shower to portfolio

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Roca adds innovative new Smart Shower to portfolio

Roca adds innovative new Smart Shower to portfolio

The new Smart Shower from Roca features customisable settings and a simple interface. Up to three users within the same household are able to pre-set their desired settings including shower duration, maximum temperature and flow rates all based around their individual needs. The interfaces features a colour LCD display and touch sensitive controls with soft-turn dials, and the system can also be controlled via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

The Smart Shower system also allows two or three outlets to be installed, including Roca's Raindream showerhead, handset and Puzzle Square jets. If homeowners select the three outlet option, the design allows two of them to work simultaneously.

There is also a child safety mode and a temperature monitoring system to eliminate the risk of scalding, and a legionella cleaning programme removes bacteria without the use of chemicals.

“It may seem like a luxury, but the Smart Shower is not just for convenience,” said David Bromell, head of marketing at Roca. “In addition to providing a luxe showering experience, the intuitive system will actively work to reduce water wastage, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice for the bathroom design.”

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