A record-breaking month for Masterclass Kitchens

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A record-breaking month for Masterclass Kitchens  Sponsored

A record-breaking month for Masterclass Kitchens

Masterclass Kitchens have recently launched a series of kitchen planning guides and new interactive Wishlist on their website, which are designed to demystify the kitchen journey and create a seamless experience to their growing online audience.

With the world being plunged into digital realms since the start of the pandemic, companies are now being forced to adapt to the new reality of digital transformation. With the end customer being the driving force behind the change, Masterclass Kitchens have adapted to offer relevant content for each part of the kitchen journey the customer undertakes. 

After launching the kitchen planning guides and interactive Wishlist, Masterclass Kitchens have seen a record-breaking month in January with brochure requests 127% up on January last year, which coincides with the most website traffic they have ever seen on their website – 107% up on January of last year! 

Digital Marketing Manager, Tom Adams said: “Purchasing a kitchen is something that could be quite a daunting process, so we wanted to make it a more approachable project and arm our customers with the knowledge and confidence to start their journey with one of our independent retailers. I am really pleased with how our digital platforms are performing and we are already looking for ways to improve on this.”

To further elevate the brand and digital presence, the kitchen manufacturer has adopted an illustrative style to help tell a story throughout digital platforms. The styling of the illustrations are simple continuous lines that create fluidity and harmony throughout.

Commercial Sales Director, Steve Tough, comments “With the level of interest that we are creating in our products we have the ability to turn the enquiries into actual sales for our retailers and ourselves. We are passionate about making our brand stand out from the crowd in terms of our product and our marketing approach. If you are on the look-out for a unique product offering, then look no further than Masterclass Kitchens.”

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