Häfele extends guide with over 1,000 new furniture fittings products

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Häfele extends guide with over 1,000 new furniture fittings products

Häfele extends guide with over 1,000 new furniture fittings products

In what it says is a bid to help retailers create stylish and functional spaces using the latest solutions, Häfele UK has launched a fresh version of its go-to guide, ‘The Complete Häfele: Furniture Fittings Design’. Within the 1,440-page edition, which is available at the company website, users can find 1,000 new lines alongside updated product selection tools. There is also a comprehensive overview of around 6,500 furniture fittings design products in the new volume, including kitchen, bathroom and bedroom fittings and accessories, and electrical and lighting solutions.

One addition to this year’s catalogue is an extensive furniture handle section. In a response to the fact that handles are increasingly being used to create statement looks in the kitchen, Häfele has bolstered the section for 2021 to showcase a style and finish for every trend. The company has also developed a product selection guide, which compiles key information on similar products, so users can compare features and benefits at a glance.

Commenting on the launch, Natalie Davenport, head of marketing at Häfele UK, said: “We want to help our customers create more life in every square metre of space and 'The Complete Häfele: Furniture Fittings Design' helps them do just that. Jam packed with all our furniture fittings, ranging from kitchen wirework to hidden hinges, and the very latest in lighting technology, users will find all they need to make kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms the most functional and beautiful spaces they can be. This year, we’ve also added in some handy new features such as the at-a-glance product selection guide that users will find at the start of each product group. This means they can quickly compare and contrast across our range and find the solution that delivers just what they need.”

With over 25,000 products in its full collection, Häfele also produces 'The Complete Häfele: Furniture Fittings Technology' and 'The Complete Häfele: Architectural Hardware', which it says breaks its broad product range into three manageable volumes for customers.

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