Fisher & Paykel design appliances for the lives lived around them

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Fisher & Paykel design appliances for the lives lived around them  Sponsored

Fisher & Paykel design appliances for the lives lived around them

The modern laundry is more than just a functional work zone. It should also be a beautifully designed and considered space too. With the new laundry range Fisher & Paykel have considered not just the need for improved functionality with regards to steam cleaning and de-wrinkling, but also the need for matching appliances that are not only beautiful to use, but also designed to match, so that the laundry space need not be hidden away.

What’s so special about the new Fisher & Paykel laundry range?

The new range is formulated with fabric care in mind, to allow consumers to wash their most cherished garments without worry. Their new washing machines are crafted to meet the unique needs of every fabric. 

This new machine WH1260F2 has 14 wash cycles including Sports, Allergy and Wool, with extra wash options such as Soak and Time Saver.

ActiveIntelligence™ Technology automatically optimises the cycle by adjusting the wash time and auto-dosing detergent to suit the level of soil

Intuitive controls with clever washing hints help consumers get the best results. The LCD display is easy to use and provides a simple interface to select from 14 wash cycles; including Wool, Allergy, and Quick 30. The specially-designed cushioned drum provides a gentle, effective washing action, protecting clothes while delivering an optimal wash performance.

Also introducing the Steam Refresh cycle, which is perfect for de-wrinkling clothes and reducing odours without the need for a full wash cycle. The new OptimiseWash options Eco, Speed and Quiet that sit alongside wash cycles such as Hygiene and Silk.

Fisher & Paykel have included WiFi capability for regular software updates, so this washing machine is always up to date, and they have now added Auto-dose mode that dispenses just the right amount of liquid detergent based on the size of the load, with the added convenience of not needing to fill the dispenser for every wash.

The best program by far is the Quick 30 minute wash. When time is short, a consumer can select a quick 30 minute wash without compromising cleaning and fabric care. The unique Vortex Wash allows most cycles to take less than 1 hour to complete. Water is forced from the bottom of the drum, so detergent and heat reach the clothes faster, cleaning quickly and avoiding over-washing.

The large 12kg drum can wash both small and large loads as well as bulky items like a king-size feather duvet. The wide door opening makes it easy to load and unload. The benefit of a large capacity is time saving, as a full week’s laundry can be done in just a few loads.

SmartDrive™ uses electronic feedback from the direct drive motor to intelligently adjust the wash action for better fabric care. There are fewer moving parts for a reliable, quiet and efficient wash.

Health and hygiene are core drivers of Fisher & Paykel’s approach to product design. Since 1934 F&P have been designing laundry innovations that have resulted more effective wash cycles and functions , but also provided noticeable improvements for those with sensitive skin conditions. The new steam refresh program gently heats clean water and freshens clothes without the need for detergents.

The ActiveIntelligence™ washing machine and 9kg Heat Pump Condensing Dryer are designed to be the complete package for a beautiful laundry. With outstanding aesthetics and complementary wash and dry cycles, they become the perfect pair to deliver complete fabric care.

Other great features:

• Add a Garment feature allows you to quickly add or remove any size garment mid cycle.

• Interior light for improved visibility when unloading the washer.

• Quiet customisewash option.

• Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

• Fabric care cycles including; Hygiene, Steam Refresh, Quick 30, Bulky and Easy Iron.

• ActiveIntelligence™ technology for a customised wash.

• Soil sensing for perfect soil removal and wash results and detergent auto-dosing using just the right amount to achieve the perfect wash.

• Downloadable Wash Programs* (Over-The-Air updates)

• Steam Refresh will reduce odours and de-wrinkle clothes, making them ready to wear again without the need for a full wash cycle.

• Eco option to wash more sustainably with lower temperatures and less water usage.

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