CIH postpones Euronics Showcase until April 2022

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CIH postpones Euronics Showcase until April 2022

CIH postpones Euronics Showcase until April 2022

Combined Independents (Holdings) (CIH) has announced that following the recently disclosed roadmap out of lockdown, it has taken the decision to postpone its in-person Euronics Showcase until 24th – 25th April 2022.

“Of course, we wanted to put on an event in September as previously announced,” said Stuart Cook, CEO of CIH, the electrical buying group, part of Euronics, Europe's largest electrical buying group. “However, in light of a number of factors, not least of which is the ongoing safety of CIH members, suppliers and guests at our event, we feel duty bound to postpone once again until a time where we, and society as a whole, can feel safer in large crowds, and comfortable when joined by guests from overseas as well.

“We’d like to thank you for your continued support, and for your understanding as these changes have occurred. Who knew that when we hosted our event in 2019, we wouldn’t see another before 2022. It’s thanks to the unwavering support from our members that has allowed CIH to continue to make these plans, even if we’ve had to change them more than once along the way. We want everyone to have the best Showcase they can, and we simply did not feel we could give either you, our members, or our suppliers the event we all deserve in 2021.”

To ensure suppliers will still have a platform to present their products to members in 2021, CIH says it will be hosting virtual events in both April and September.

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