Siemens launches first fully interactive virtualBrochure

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Siemens launches first fully interactive virtualBrochure

Siemens launches first fully interactive virtualBrochure

Appliance brand Siemens has announced the launch of its first fully interactive virtualBrochure. Bringing products to life using state-of-the-art CGI modelling, animation and cinematic storytelling, the virtualBrochure presents an alternative to printed marketing material. 

The virtualBrochure, produced by Virtual Worlds, is a free-to-download app, available via the Google Play Store or App Store. It allows users to search for Siemens products, and then rotate, zoom and interact with them, and every appliance can be explored in interactive 3D in close-up detail, and replayed as animated movies within the app. With Virtual Worlds Augmented Reality consumers can also try products for size before they commit to purchase. Retailers can use the technology to expand on physical showroom displays, removing the challenges and boundaries of limited floor space. 

Gaelle Thibaud, Siemens marketing manager, said: “We’re excited to be launching our first virtualBrochure and are looking forward to sharing it with consumers. This state-of-the-art brochure means that consumers can explore the products in even more detail and, thanks to the Augmented Reality, they can see the appliances in their kitchen, which will make a huge difference when looking to purchase. We’re sure this new technology will be a valuable tool for consumers and retailers when they are deciding on their new products.” 

Launching with the elite Siemens StudioLine range of appliances, the virtualBrochure will also be available as part of the Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre experience at Siemens’s flagship Wigmore Street showroom. 

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