Simon Acres Group launches 'Movers and Shakers' podcasts

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Simon Acres Group launches 'Movers and Shakers' podcasts

Simon Acres Group launches 'Movers and Shakers' podcasts

KBB and merchant service provider Simon Acres Group (SAGL) has launched a series of podcasts, showcasing views and thoughts from young people who are starting to make their mark in the industry. The first interview is with designer Amanda Jayne Gow, who is currently interior design assistant at Neptune Home, and will be moving to Brayer Design in Surbiton shortly. 

Gow is an industrial design and technology graduate from Loughborough University who moved into residential interior design after working as a design intern for a commercial design and build company.

“Amanda has tremendous enthusiasm and passion for design,” said SAGL director Simon Acres. “She represents a new generation of talented people that are building successful careers and bringing new ideas into showrooms.” 

Gow said that she had benefited from fantastic support and training from the senior team at Neptune when she joined 18 months ago. She said: “The customer journey has changed so much since I started because of the impact of COVID but we have adapted and developed new ways to engage with customers.   

“Communication has become much more frequent. We now utilise many different channels, text, WhatsApp and Zoom for example, at different stages to keep the project on track and keep our customers informed. 

“It is important when we can’t have face-to-face meetings to ensure that as a designer, we really listen to what our customers want. Getting to know them and how they will use their kitchen is the key to success. With most people spending more time at home, the kitchen and living spaces have to work even harder, and it’s our job to deliver a room that will meet their needs.

“I am excited about showrooms re-opening again soon, as it provides the perfect environment to inspire customers, with well-designed displays and show-stopping pieces.” 

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