5 ways to maximise your chances of success at your next job interview

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5 ways to maximise your chances of success at your next job interview

5 ways to maximise your chances of success at your next job interview

With the prospect of a surge in pent-up demand for the KBB industry, employers are seeking to recruit additional staff to benefit from the increase in business. If you are looking for a new role and have interviews coming up, take a look at these 5 top tips on how to succeed from Simon Acres Group director Simon Acres. 

Interviews are a two-way process where both sides have to positively understand each other to move forward. By being prepared and following these smart tips, an interviewee can stand out from the crowd, show that they are passionate about wanting the job, and ensure that both parties get the most out of the process.

1. Research thoroughly 
There are plenty of online resources to help you gather information about the company you want to work with. Take time to undertake proper research so that you fully understand what makes the business tick. This can include financial information so you know how well the company is performing, as well as understanding the products and brand values. Don’t forget to deomonstrate that you have taken the time to do this during the interview as it really shows your commitment to wanting the job.

2. Show your personality 
It will be difficult to let your personality shine through if you are nervous, so take steps to help you be as relaxed as possible. Practice answering the questions you may be asked beforehand. Utilise techniques such as breath work or meditation just before to help you feel at ease. Remember to smile and make eye contact, if you are on Zoom then remember to look at the camera not the screen. Don’t be afraid to show a sense of humour, although keep it appropriate and professional and stay authentic. Maybe you can share some personal stories or anecdotes that give the interviewer a sense of how your personality has helped you achieve success in the past.

3. Pre-prepare a list of questions you want to ask
Have a list of questions with you that you want to ask. This will avoid a potentially embarrassing situation at the end if you are asked if you have any questions and can’t think of any. Also ensure that the interviewer knows that you have questions and ask when it would be convenient to raise them.

4. Always summarise
Take control and summarise what has been agreed and discussed. This can be done as you go along or at the end. It can help to take notes to allow you to do this but be sensitive to the possibility that the interviewer may not feel comfortable with you taking notes. So, it is appropriate to ask permission before doing this. 

5. Ask for feedback
This will give you the chance to get over any objections that may not have been covered during the interview. Take the opportunity to ask what the next steps will be, and if you feel that the interview has gone well, then be positive and ask if there is any reason why you would not be the best person for the role. 

See Simon Acres discussing these tips on the video below.


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