2020 launches Global Inspiration Contest for designers

IndustryNews Thu 22nd Apr 2021 by KBBFocus

2020 launches Global Inspiration Contest for designers

2020 launches Global Inspiration Contest for designers

2020 has announced the launch of its Global Inspiration Contest which is open to kitchen, bathroom and office designers. The contest is intended to provide a platform for 2020 users across the UK, the US, and France to be recognised for their functional and aesthetic design skills. 

There are nine categories that designers can submint, including contemporary and traditional-style kitchens and bathrooms, and flexible office spaces. Multiple submissions are encouraged, although organisers say that each design submitted must be unique. 

The winners will be chosen by a panel of 2020 judges, with the top three designs eligble to win the Voters' Choice prize. The contest opens today – 22nd April – and closes on 17th May. The winners will receive an Amazon gift card and will be featured at 2020 Connect – a virtual event taking place in June. 

“This is the first time we’re hosting a 2020 Inspiration contest that is open to all our kitchen, bathroom and office designers from across the globe at the same time,” says Ken Short, VP of marketing at 2020. “We’re looking forward to seeing the beautiful and creative designs our talented customers submit this year.” 

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