Tom Reynolds: Prime Minister's questions (about his bathroom)

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Tom Reynolds: Prime Minister's questions (about his bathroom)

Tom Reynolds: Prime Minister's questions (about his bathroom)

Chief executive of the Bathroom Manufacturers Association Tom Reynolds has some questions for the Prime Minister – and some suggestions too...

"Repair, maintenance and improvement activity in the UK is booming as we all enjoy a bit of a spruce up. Thanks to the inability to spend on life’s luxuries like holidays and nights out, as a nation we have amassed £150bn in savings during lockdown, according to the Bank of England. 

"And it would appear, the Prime Minister is leading the remodelling charge. 

"The overhaul of his Downing Street flat, believed to be in the region of £200,000, is now firmly lodged in our collective consciousness. I'll wager it’s likely to fuel even more demand for refurbs, because if it’s good enough for the PM... 

"Apparently his four-bedroom flat has had a ‘traditional, elegant’ makeover conjured up by a designer who champions bold patterns and styles, gold wallpaper and Persian rugs. While the politicians quibble over the costs, I’d be more interested in a tour, especially of the new bathroom, rumoured to be a decadent marble design. 

"But oh, to be a fly on the wall when Boris, Carrie and little Wilfred inspect the installation. I wonder if there was a long list of snags? Did they select water-saving products? Did they look at the Unified Water Label and appreciate the efficiency ratings for energy, water and carbon? Did they ensure that all the products fully comply with international standards and national regulations?

"We all like to take pride in our homes, especially given the amount of time we’re currently spending indoors. And while the PM has landed in a bit of hot water with an Electoral Commission investigation, here at the BMA we hope the fashion for remodelling will mean people become more compliance and sustainability aware when buying their bathrooms. Water- and energy-efficient products are changing the way we live and, by making informed choices and simple changes, we can all create more sustainable homes. 

"And while we're talking bathrooms, if the Prime Minister is confident he can answer all our questions, we have one final challenge to put to him: Does he know how to check his toilet for leaks? If not, he can swot up at our site because, after all, it's always good to save water and keep the bills under control..." 

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